PSAT Prep: 7 Things to Expect

Mentally prepare yourself for the PSAT and the strange quirks you may encounter during test time.

SAT Tips - Top 10 Time Management Tips for the SAT

Three hours and forty-five minutes is a pretty long time to stare at a test booklet and try feverishly to come up with the right answers to SAT questions. Sometimes, those 225 minutes can feel downright interminable. But at other times, the 3 hour [...]

3 Reasons Students should Take the PSAT

PSAT Practice Test By lwilliams Almost everyone has heard of how important it is to take either the Standard Aptitude Test (SAT) or the ACT prior to high school graduation. But, did you know that there’s another test that should be on [...]

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Taking the SAT

Ten things you should know before taking the SAT.

50 Colleges Waiving SAT and ACT Scores for Incoming Freshman

More Colleges are Waiving SAT and ACT Scores for Incoming Freshman Many colleges are waiving SAT and ACT scores for incoming freshman because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many test dates had to be cancelled for health [...]

The Secret to Cutting your Study Time by 50% while Improving your SAT or ACT Score

Preparing the same way everyone else does is probably a big waste of your time.

Get more money for college with higher SAT and ACT scores

Doing well on your SAT and ACT can increase your eligibility for billions of dollars of merit-based grants and scholarships available from schools, states, and private companies.