The new SAT vs the old SAT: Which is better?

In March 2016, CollegeBoard will begin administering a new SAT test. Find out how this test will differ from the current version, and whether it'd be better to take the test now or wait to take the new one.

Why Test Prep Matters for the SAT and ACT

Want to raise your score on the SAT or ACT? Start with test prep. Here's why it works. 

Tackling the SAT and ACT tests: The good, the bad, and the money

With so much riding on how high school students handle the dreaded standardized tests known as the SAT and the ACT, it’s not surprising that parents empty their wallets with hopes that their son or daughter will score that perfect 2400 on the SAT [...]

The other freshman 15: In SAT writing

The 2 parts of the Writing section on the SAT test the same rules. At Knewton, we break them down into a list called the Freshman 15. Your ticket to a tremendous score on this section is to learn these rules.

6 Reasons Why Taking the SAT a Second Time is a Charm

By lwilliams Unlike past relationships, SAT retakes college entrance exams are worth a second chance.  Didn’t do so great on the SAT the first time? Don’t freak out; there’s still time for improvement. If you’re worried about lower-than-ex [...]

What you Need to Know About The ACT

By lwilliams What is ACT? You’ve probably heard the saying the sooner you start, the better. Well, if you’re a high school junior, you may want to consider getting an early start on taking the ACT this year. Why? There are [...]

Breaking down the SAT and ACT: Which is for you? Part 2

Breaking down the SAT and ACT By Jenn Cohen The ACT and The SAT. The two are very different tests, and preparation for one is not necessarily preparation for both. SectionSATACTCritical Reading (SAT)/Reading (ACT) 70 minutes Sentence Completions 19 q [...]