5 fun ways to use those college brochures

Is your bedroom floor littered with college marketing materials? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Just about every high school senior is dealing with an avalanche of glossy brochures that keep jamming up their mailboxes. And, the worst part is that some of this junk mail keeps coming from the same colleges (Desperate much?). Hello? Stop sending us shit already. Yes, your pictures of smiling students and uber green campuses are exactly what will make us want to attend. No, instead we will use our creative talents to recycle those pretty propaganda pamphlets (Ever heard of the Green movement? Stop killing trees!). And, unlike the colleges that spent way too much money to print and mail them to every single senior on the planet, our fun crafts only required a little bit of tape and imagination.

Holiday gift wrap

holiday gift wrap
Forget spending tons of cash on pretty wrapping paper. Simply use those college brochures to create ribbons, bows and more!

Say it with flowers

paper flowers
Real flowers cost a fortune and die in a matter of days. At least your paper version will last as long as your relationship does.

Party supplies

party horns
No cash flow? Turn those college pamphlets into party horns and coasters for your upcoming holiday parties!

It’s getting hot in here

paper fan
If you’re living in the south, you know how important it is to have a good hand fan available. There’s nothing like starting the day at 37 degrees and ending it at 72.

Pet formal wear

cat bow tie
What tuxedo cat is complete without a bow tie? Your college brochures are purr-fect for this fun project. (Cat was not harmed for the making of this bow tie. He was, however, unamused.) Now it’s your turn. Have some fun and show us your creative uses for all those marketing brochures piling up in your room. Shoot us a pic on Twitter or post it to our Facebook page.

Last day to enter is December 15th!
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