College rejection letter? Just shake it off!


OK, can we just be completely honest here? Nobody likes to be rejected — especially when you’ve put your heart and soul into something. Whether it’s getting turned down for prom or receiving a crappy grade on a test you spent days cramming for, rejection blows. But, nothing stings worse than those thin college letters and short emails that scream you’re not good enough to go there #youcantsitwithus. Somehow, we all get sucked into the hype and believe that there’s that one perfect place — that one college that will determine our destiny. Want to know a secret? It’s all a lie. Every college on your list is potentially your perfect match. Why? Because your destiny is up to you! College really is what you make of it. So you got a rejection letter or two. No worries. Just take T. Swift’s advice and shake it off!  And while you’re jumping around blowing off steam, remember this …

It’s their loss, not yours

We know you’re awesome. You’re friends know you’re awesome. And when you’re rich and famous, send those nimrods at the admissions office an autographed picture because they just made a HUGE mistake.

You may bend, but you will not break

Yes, it feels like you’ve been punched in the stomach, and it hurts like nobody’s business. So go on and cry, scream, and throw a few things. But remember, if it doesn’t kill you it can only make you stronger.

Life is full of options

We’re betting your life has been pretty much mapped out until this point, right? Well, it’s about time to shake things up. Think of the rejection letter as an invitation to try something new. Pick your second or third choice school, or maybe take a gap year. Heck, start over from scratch if you feel like it. The point is that you have options, and each one can take you on one hell of an adventure.

One last suggestion …

The best way to get over rejection is to turn your disappointment into motivation. Don’t dwell on why you were turned down; show everyone that you can (and will) accomplish all your goals regardless of what obstacles are placed in your path. The truth is that you are worthy of going to the college of your choice, but there simply aren’t enough spaces to accept everyone who applies. So grieve, get over it, and go be awesome!

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