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Creating a Recruiting Profile

 Follow the template created for you by PrimeScout for best results. Before you start inputting your information into your profile, work through the exercises listed below to generate the most significant information for your profile.

1.     Academics: generate a list of all academic achievements and awards since high school. Items to include are your grade-point-average, any Advanced Placement (AP) tests you took, your SAT and/or ACT scores, and any academic awards you may have earned.

2.     Athletics: generate a list of your athletic accomplishments throughout high school. This may include improved statistics in competition and/or testing environments and any team and individual awards you have earned.

3.     Social: generate a list of volunteer and work related experiences you have had throughout high school. If you have done any sport related volunteer work (ie. YMCA referee, youth coaching experience) be sure to include this in your profile. Giving back to your sport is important for many coaches.

4.     References: the people you list to give coaches feedback should come from different backgrounds. Some coaches may utilize your references, others may not, but it is good to give them the option of contacting a teacher or an employer (including people you volunteered for). There is no need to put your current coach as a reference as the college coach will contact them, but having a former coach as a reference is appropriate.

5.     Picking a Photograph: make your photograph an action shot. Your photograph should be one where you are succeeding in a skill, for example: running past an opponent, winning a challenge, or driving the golf ball.

Remember, as you create your profile that it is one of the first impressions that you make on the college coach. All your information must be truthful, accurate, significant, and relevant to your academic and athletic pursuit.

For additional insight into how to generate a profile and write your biography utilize the PrimeScout Workbook.  

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