March Newsletter for Seniors


Dear Seniors,

March is here, which means it’s time for you to start checking your mailbox multiple times a day for envelopes and anxiously pondering the age-old questions – does a thick envelope mean I got in? Is this thin one a rejection letter? First of all, there’s no need to breathe deeply into that brown paper bag. The majority of college applicants get into at least one of the schools to which they applied. So give yourself a pat on the back on our behalf. Now comes the next step: making sure you get enough money to help pay your way through school. Here are three tips on getting the most financial aid possible:

Renegotiating your financial aid package: Don’t be afraid to contact your school’s financial aid office if you have any questions regarding your financial aid package, or if you feel that the school did not offer you enough money. This happens more often than you think, and the financial aid office will be expecting your call. Be proactive. If the school sent you a letter of acceptance, they want you to attend, and financial aid officers will often go above and beyond in order to help students pay for college.

Keep looking for scholarships: Many people think scholarships are only for athletes, minority students, and students with straight A’s, and don’t even bother looking. This is far from the truth. There are thousands and thousands of scholarships dedicated to almost anything. Websites like and are great sources where you can plug in all of your personal information, interests, intended major, and see a long list of scholarships which you are personally eligible for. You can also keep receiving scholarships as a college student, and many are only available to students. So make sure you keep researching – ask the heads of your major department or financial aid officers at your school which scholarships you might be eligible for.

Every little bit counts:In less than six months you’ll be packing your bags and shipping off to your new home, and you’re going to want a little bit of cash to help you get through that first semester. Get a job this summer to help boost your savings account. Your college dorm room is going to be smaller than you think, so think about selling any of your clothes that haven’t see the light of day a year. Coming to school with a little extra money in your wallet will make your first days on campus that much more enjoyable.

As always, Unigo is here to help you through every step of the process. Nervous about renegotiating your financial aid package or finding the money to cover four years of college? Our network of financial aid experts will guide you or your parents through the financial aid maze to make sure you’re receiving every last dollar you deserve. You can also book a session with college students from all of the schools you were accepted to. Get the inside scoop on the social scene, academics, and whatever else you want to know about that school before making your final decision.

And if you have any questions, shoot us a line at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you.

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