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How to impress college admissions while having an awesome summer

You want to have fun this summer, but you also want to do things that will impress colleges. So how do you do both?

Is a reach school your best choice?

Getting into a reach school can be very satisfying, but before sending in that deposit, consider these five things to help determine whether a reach school is truly the best choice for you.

6 college interview tips to get you through, no sweat!

College interview questions can seem intimidating, but not if you're prepared! Follow these six college interview tips to make the best impression.

7 college planning tasks for underclassmen

By lwilliams We know you hear it all the time. “The earlier you start, the better.” Well, sometimes these age-old words of wisdom can be true — especially for college planning. Now, if you’re a high school freshmen or sophomore, don [...]

How to handle a holding pattern: What happens if you’re waitlisted or deferred?

Every year, tens of thousands of applicants to colleges are not given a definitive answer and instead are waitlisted or deferred. Although these answers both amount to “maybe,” the subtleties are pretty different.

Getting In with the Common App

The Common App essay is one of the largest and most important components of it. It is a key part of many college admissions in the U.S. Learn how to write a successful Common app essay.

Admissions officers are people, too

Admissions officers want to admit good students as much as you want them to admit you.  So what does that mean? Cue bold, italics, and underline: Contact admissions officers at the schools you [...]