College Admissions

Get in there

The Month of March for Seniors

Dear Seniors, March is here, which means it’s time for you to start checking your mailbox multiple times a day for envelopes and anxiously pondering the age old questions – does a thick envelope mean I got in? Is this

Hey Seniors: Time to give thanks

Many seniors are so relieved that “all of that” is behind them that they neglect to consider all those that gave support to them along the way.

Caution: College admissions officers peeking at Facebook profiles

If you are considering applying to college add a review of your Facebook or MySpace profile to your to-do list. While employers have been checking the online profiles of job applicants for a number of years, a 2008 Kaplan survey indicated that col [...]

College, take 3

Use the resources available to make your transfer as stress-free as possible.