10 must-haves for your move to college


You probably think you know everything you’ll need for your big move, but something always slips through the cracks. So, before you leave, check out this list of ten things I didn’t think about during my first year of college, and that I’ll never forget before leaving home again!

1. Flash drive

Okay, seriously. A flash drive in college can truly be a life saver. Never leave the fate of your seven-page essay in an email you sent yourself before class. What if the Internet connection went down? Having a flash drive guarantees your essays, photos, and other important documents are always available. Mine is on my key chain next to my car keys!

2. Hand sanitizer

Germs are no joke on a campus with thousands of students and staff. Think of all the hands that have touched that doorknob, vending machine, or stair rail! Having just a small amount with you can keep you healthy when all your friends are sick in bed.

3. Planner

Keeping a planner might not have been a huge deal in high school, but with all the things going on in college, you can’t live without it. A simple app like Google Calendar or Google Keep can help you make sure you don’t forget a thing.

4. Phone charger*s*

By “phone chargers,” I mean more than two — at least. I always keep a charger in my backpack, for those times when my phone has just given up, but I still have three classes to go. Trust me, your phone will die, and you don’t want to miss something important! Most likely, there are multiple outlets on campus for you to use at any time. I’ve even found a charging outlet underneath my desk in a lecture hall.

5. Obvs: backpack

Sure, this seems obvious. For some, carrying a backpack may not be their first option, but it should be! Using a backpack instead of a purse or hand bag makes carrying things around a huge campus a lot easier. Backpacks mean more room for the things you really want to bring to class.

6. Comfortable shoes

You’ll be walking almost everywhere in college. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get shoes that help make the stress on your feet a little lighter. If you’re worried about style — trust me, nobody really cares. I used to wear stylish flats to class everyday, until one day when I was running towards the bus stop  — in the rain — and my sandal completely broke in half. Walking with one bare foot onto a public bus isn’t worth the fashion statement.

7. Umbrella

What made my horrendous broken shoe incident even worse was that, conveniently, I forgot my umbrella that day. Never make the mistake of trusting the weather to be as expected! Keeping a compact umbrella in your backpack will save you from becoming a wet mess while you walk to class in an unexpected thunderstorm.

8. First aid kit

If you’re like me, and prone to just about any clumsy incident that can happen, it’s best to keep some tools around to help you when you’re down. My first semester of college, I forgot about a first aid kit and regretted it each time I got a cut, burn, or stub, or one of my friends was at my place and needed a Band-Aid. Don’t make the same mistake!

9. Interview clothes

You should always have some nice clothes ready for a potential job, scholarship, or unexpected meeting where you need to look professional. Having an outfit prepared in advance saves time and reduces stress, so you can focus on being awesome.

10. Printer

Take it from me, having a personal printer is a miracle. It can be a huge pain having to rely on campus labs or libraries to print documents, that they sometimes charge you for, or can be broken or super busy. Investing $50 so you can print at home, on your own schedule, can save you a ton of extra time and hassle.

Though they may seem minor, these things can really make a huge difference. They did for me! Your life is about to get a lot more hectic, so make sure your worries are kept to a minimum.

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About the author

Cecilia is a second-year public relations major at the University of Florida. She’s from the small town of Clewiston, and she’s ready to make her mark. “Not only am I learning to adjust to a bigger city, but all of the adventures this big university brings along with it.” 

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