April Newsletter for Seniors


By now you have heard back from the colleges to which you applied. If you got accepted to your dream school, congratulations! If not, Unigo is here to help. We all know rejection is tough, and getting rejected from your dream school can be pretty shattering. Once your spoon has hit the bottom of that ice cream carton and you’re ready to move past the mourning phase, it’s time to focus on the schools that did accept you. Don’t forget, you got into college! That’s worth a pat on the back at least. You are now faced with two possible situations: choosing between the schools that did accept you, or holding out for that one school that placed you on the waitlist. Either way, Unigo is here to help!

Choosing Between Schools: The best possible way to decide whether or not a school is ‘the one’ is to find out what life is really like on that campus, and there are two ways of doing that. The easiest way to get all of your questions about a college answered is by chatting with an actual current student. Search by school and check out our network of thousands of college students. Find one that you think can best answer your questions and book a live session for only $30. Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on the school, you should try and visit the campus in person. Sure, you probably already visited the schools before you applied, took the official tour, and got a sense of what life on the different campuses is all about. But that was before, when you wanted the schools to accept you. Now the roles are reversed. These schools want YOU! Revisiting the campus as an accepted student gives you a chance to size up the school from a new perspective.

What Exactly Is The Waitlist? Colleges use complicated, time-tested algorithms in order to fill the ideal number of spots in the freshman class each year. The waitlist acts as a back-up plan in case a school needs to fill more slots. One year, a school may accept 30 students off the waitlist, and accept 300 the next year. If you find yourself on the waitlist of your dream school, it means the school is very much still interested in you. And, there are ways for you to boost your position on the waitlist. For instance, contacting the school to let them know that this is your #1 choice, your dream school, and you would drop everything to attend in the fall, is never a bad idea. Talk with one of our admissions experts to get more tips on how you can increase your chance of acceptance when on the waitlist.

And if you have any questions, shoot us a line at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you.

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