College Reviews by College Students: The inside scoop


College Connections continues to keep in contact with alumni so they can share their college experiences with our current students. Our students attend universities all over the country, big and small, private and public. Here are what our students are saying about their college experience. SKIDMORE: Rebecca“Skidmore is fantastic!!!  I absolutely love it.  It is definitely a work hard, party hard school. The non-Greek life really doesn’t have much of an effect on the social life, and I’m glad that we don’t have one because I’ve heard some crazy horror stories about hazing. The work is hard but all the teachers are really helpful and supportive. They all know your name on a first name basis. The class sizes are all small (10-20 students) for most classes.  However, I always have more than enough to do and never bored. There are always activities, events, clubs, parties and other things going on if I want to go out. The winter wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, probably because I was under the impression that once I stepped out the door I would die, and I didn’t haha. I really couldn’t have asked for a better school, everyone here is great. I’ve made a lot of friends, my roommate is actually going to be with me in an adjoining single next year, and we are best friends. Generally speaking, we lack some of the “go go rah rah” that other bigger schools have. Sports are not are number one priority and neither is our gym. We are division 3 and don’t have a football team. However, we do have basketball and field-hockey teams.  We have an amazing dance, theater and art department, and are one of very few liberal arts schools with a business department, and with a good one at that!” -Rebecca, Skidmore, entering sophomore. CORNELL: Raymond“Overall, it does not seem like the typical Ivy league school (large endowment, small, and gothic architecture). However, all/most of the students are hardworking and driven even if they may party hard on the weekends. Having seven undergraduate colleges allows a variety of courses to be offered, however it can be a hassle if you realize what you really want to major in is in a different college. My experience with Cornell has been a positive one for a few reasons; my professors have been willing to work with their students, the administration is quite accessible and willing to help, I have found a good group of friends, and I have participated in a few of Cornell’s many student organizations.” -Raymond, Cornell, entering sophomore. UC SANTA CRUZAriel “After completing my first year at UC Santa Cruz, I realize I am lucky. I have found my personal heaven on earth. Not only is it the most beautiful place I have ever set my eyes on, but I have met the most genuine, nice people. No one passes me by without a smile. When I ride the bus it’s always “thank you” to the driver, and people willingly go out of their way for me. Being a rather large beach town, Santa Cruz offers the best of everything- good shopping, great dining, a beautiful view of the ocean, and a solace amongst the trees. Santa Cruz has been one of the best things to happen to me and I hope many people become as pleasantly surprised as I am. Go Slugs!” -Ariel, University of California, Santa Cruz entering sophomore. EmmanuelRICE Rice has the best of both worlds. It is the perfect size that you know enough people, yet always feel like your meeting new faces. It is diverse enough that no one is ever the same as anyone else. There are opportunities and occasions for everyone from every side of the social spectrum, outgoing students to more conservative students, to have a blast and meet some life long friends. In addition, in combination with the student body, the Residential College System elevates the Rice community to that of a very different college experience that is unique. I have never heard of an upset or displeased Rice student when it came to the college life, we are truly blessed with the perfect environment of work hard, party and relax harder. -Emmanuel, Rice University, entering sophomore. EMORY Christina“Emory is great. Classes are small and interesting and the professors are amazing. Extra-curricular activities are endless. I joined three dance teams, a sorority, and several academic clubs. I have made great friends and the Emory community always has something going on (sports events, dances, concerts, free food).” -Christina, Emory University, entering sophomore.  

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