Do You Know What Classes You Need?


This article is Do You Know Your Core GPA? The beginning of the year is always a good time to regroup and make sure you are on the correct track for your recruiting. For sophomores and juniors (and seniors if you have not already done so) now is the perfect time to have your core grade-point-average evaluated and to make sure you are taking the correct high school classes for your NCAA eligibility. The grade-point-average on your transcript takes into account all your classes and may not be a true reflection of where you would stand with the NCAA Eligibility Center. It is important that you meet with your high school counselor to confirm that you are taking all the right classes and to clarify that your classes will be recognized by the NCAA and will count towards your Core GPA. To be eligible for NCAA1 competition you must complete and pass16 core classes and reach a SAT or ACT score based on a sliding scale. The higher your standardized test-score the lower your GPA can be and vice-versa. The 16 core classes must consist of:

  • 4 English credits
  • 3 Math credits
  • 2 Science credits
  • 1 additional credit of English, Math, or Science
  • 2 credits of Social Science and;
  • 4 credits of Foreign Language, Philosophy, or non-doctrine religion.

For NCAA2 eligibility you must complete 14 core classes (changing to 16 for the graduating high school class of 2013) with a grade-point-average of 2.0 or greater and a SAT (or ACT equivalent) of 820 or higher. To determine your Core GPA the NCAA has worksheets to help you. For both NCAA1 and NCAA2 eligibility worksheets. Get your year started off correctly and make sure you are on the correct academic path. And, if you are a junior, now is the time for you to complete your Eligibility Center profile.

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