Get started, get in: Unigo’s guide to the college search


Welcome to the college search! Your mission is to get from the thousands of excellent higher-ed options to the one school that’s right for you. Got questions? Oh yes you do. Over the course of the next few weeks/months/years, you’re going to have millions of questions and just as many different answers coming at you. Unigo’s here to help you find your way through the college-search maze ’til you get to where you’re going. We’ve got advice and assistance for every step of your journey, from your first piece of college junk mail to your final decision (and beyond). Ready to get started and get in?

What kind of school is right for me?

  • Should I go to a large, medium, or small school?  Finding the Perfect Fit: A college sizing guide.
  • Should I go to a rural, suburban, or urban school?  Location, Location, Location: Locating the diference between the rural, urban, and college town undergraduate experience.
  • Should I stay close to home?  How Far From Home Do You Want to Be?
  • How can I get the most of my campus tour/college fair/info session?  Getting the Most Out of Campus Tours, College Fairs, and Info Sessions.
  • How can I prepare to play sports at college?  Competing for College: A play-by-play guide to becoming an NCAA athlete.

How can I get in?

  • How can I avoid common application mistakes?  What I Wish I’d Known About Applying to College.
  • Should I apply early or regular decision?  Early, Rolling, Regular: When Should You Apply?
  • How can I get the best teacher recommendations?  The Infamous T-Recs.
  • Should I contact an admissions officer?  Admissions Officers are People, Too.
  • How can I rock the SATs?  When in Doubt, Pick C: An SAT Primer.
  • What should I do if I’ve been waitlisted or deferred?  How to Handle a Holding Pattern: What happens if you’re waitlisted or deferred.
  • What do I do if I don’t get in?  I Will Survive: Dealing with college rejection.

How can I decide between schools?

  • How can I decide between multiple colleges?  Would You Like a Car to Go with that Bumper Sticker? Eight Questions to Ask When Deciding Between Colleges” and “Little Things Can Be a Big Deal.
  • How can I get the most out of my campus visit?  Making the most of your college visits.
  • Should I take a year off?  The Gap Year: When it makes sense to take a year off.

How can I afford college?

  • How can I take standardized tests without breaking the bank?  Taking the SAT and ACT Tests: The Good, the Bad, and the Money.
  • How can I apply to college on a budget?  Budget Student’s Guide to Looking for and Choosing a College.
  • Where can I find scholarships?  Cash for College: How to get scholarships.
  • How can I get financial aid?  Financial First Aid: Paying for College Painlessly.

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