Youtubing Your University

Extreme College Video Marketing

By Mike Dang

Would you choose Georgetown based on a YouTube video of two students doing totally awesome back-flips off of prominent places around the university’s campus? Probably not, but it couldn’t hurt to take a look. According to The Washington Post, many colleges are using social media sites such as YouTube to market their schools to savvy students. Schools such as Frostburg State University are even creating contests for students to make their own videos that let the world know why they love their school. Apparently, the videos are working. After watching the back-flip video, Will Harris, a freshman at the University of Mississippi who is planning on going to law school, said, “After seeing how pretty it is…I’ll probably go look at a bunch of schools up there.”

Georgetown students Daniel Hostetler and Alex Carroll back-flip their way around campus.

Frostburg students show the world what happens on a snow day.

Students at the University of Virginia decide to light fireworks in the hallway of a dorm.