Checklist: What to look for during campus visits


As you visit different colleges, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many buildings, programs and informational tours. Preparing a preplanned checklist of what you want to see and do while on campus is advantageous. Each year my staff and I tour a myriad of universities across the country. Here are some things we look for at each college we visit. Print this out and make the most out of your tour:

Admission Criteria

– Requirements and What to Include with the Application
– When to Apply
– GPA & Test Scores (if required)
– Scholarships Offered
– Student Support/Counseling Center


– Professor Availability
– Popular Programs
– Average Size of Class
– Possible Internships Available
– Study Abroad Opportunities
– Available Technology
– Library Facilities and Resources

Campus Life

– Greek – Fraternities/Sororities
– Weekend Activities
– Special Campus Events
– How Many Students Live on Campus? Commute?
– Sporting Events
– Dining Facilities
– Party Scene

Campus Setting

– Located of College (Urban vs. Rural)
– Surrounding Community (College Town)

Look of the College

 – Dorms and Nearby Housing
– Lecture Halls & Classrooms
– Clean, Easy Access, Transportation
– Libraries
– Security & Safety, Campus Police Availability
– Current Building Projects
– How Well Are Current Facilities Maintained?
– Recreation Center

Additional Suggestions

– Take a campus informational tour
– Set up an interview with an admission officer
– Audit a course
– Speak with a professor or representative at the department in your field of interest
– If you are pursuing athletics, talk to a coach in your sport
– If possible, stay overnight in a dorm with a friend or relative
– Pick up the campus newspaper
– Spend time in the Student Union and eat in the cafeteria
– Speak to students and ask questions
– Find the center of campus and be an observer
– Take a look at the college bookstore
– Ask a student what he/she likes and dislikes about the college
– Tour the community surrounding the campus
– Ask yourself if you could feel at home at this college
– Take lots of notes and pictures

Ultimately, the most important thing is finding the right match for you. Your comfort level and ability to intertwine with students and faculty will help you know what you want come decision time.