College visit checklist


College Visit Checklist

Name of College:
Date of Visit:



□ Schedule a private or group tour
□ Find out if there are any general information sessions available during your visit
□ Look at a map of the campus and make note of specific places you want to visit
□ Make a list of questions you want to ask that aren’t covered here
□ Arrange an interview with an admissions officer
□ Schedule a time to sit in on a class
□ Bring a notebook to record notes, answers, and impressions
□ Check to see if the school offers an overnight stay with a current student

Things to Do:

□ Eat at a dining hall
□ Pick up a copy of the college newspaper
□ Sit in on a class
□ Talk with a professor from a department you may want to pursue
□ Walk through the library
□ Visit a computer lab
□ Walk through a freshman residence hall
□ Check out the gym/recreational facilities
□ Spend some time in the school’s main student center
□ Read bulletin boards as you walk around campus
□ Tour the city/town around the campus
□ Visit the career services center
□ Get names and contact information of people you meet for future reference

Questions to ask a Tour Guide:

□ Where do students tend to hang out on campus?
□ What types of free events does the school offer?
□ What do most students think about the housing/dorm situation?
□ Where are the best places to study on campus?
□ What kinds of extracurricular activities and clubs are offered around campus?

Questions to ask a Student:

□ What is the best part of this college?
□ What do students complain about the most?
□ What is a typical day like?
□ What do students typically do on weekends?
□ Why did you choose this college?
□ What is your living situation like?
□ How much time do you spend doing homework/studying every week?
□ Can students park on campus?
□ How long do students have to live on campus?
□ What do students typically do over the summer?
□ Are fraternities and sororities a major factor in the school’s social life?
□ What are some stereotypes about students at this school? Are the stereotypes accurate?
□ What is the biggest recent controversy on campus?
□ Is there a lot of school pride?
□ Is there anything unusual about this school?
□ Do professors know your name?
□ Do you ever spend time with professors outside of class?
□ Do students at this school have intellectual conversations outside of class?
□ How do you feel about the school’s academic requirements?
□ Is the education at this school geared toward getting a job or learning for its own sake?
□ What kinds of students would feel out of place at this school?
□ Where are most students at this school from?
□ Are the students politically aware? Are they predominantly left, right, or center?
□ What are the most popular groups, organizations, or teams on campus?
□ How’s the dating scene?
□ Do students in the dorms leave their doors open?
□ What traditions/events happen each year?

Questions to ask an Admissions Officer:

□ Will your financial need be a factor in the admissions process?
□ How much is tuition/room and board?
□ How much do students usually spend on books per semester?
□ What percentage of undergraduates receives aid?
□ Does the college offer its own scholarships? How does one apply?
□ What percentage of freshman return the following year?

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