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By Jessica Gross

School-sponsored campus tours will give you a healthy dose of “our school has quirky traditions!” stories and a view of the most beautiful 10 percent of campus. But what do you really need to know about college life?

We’ve got you covered with behind-the-scenes campus tours created by students—not admissions officers—that show what their colleges are like from the inside. Where do students go at 2:00 a.m. on a Saturday night? What do the not-so-nice dorms look like? What mispronunciation is a dead giveaway that you’re a freshman?

Take a look at our favorite new campus tours on Unigo:

Kevin Duck shows us why Wake Forest’s quad is covered in toilet paper.

Catherine Archer explains why you may see students lugging huge logs up Colgate University’s ski hill.

Georgian Court University Campus Tour, by Felicia Compian

Franklin and Marshall Campus Tour, by Alex Gao

University of California, Irvine Campus Tour, by Perry Yates and Kareem Barghouti

Penn State University Campus Tour, by Brittany Trott

Bowdoin College Campus Tour, by Abbie Mitchell

University of North Carolina Campus Tour, by Megan Gill

School of Visual Arts Campus Tour, by Michael McIntosh

SUNY Purchase Campus Tour, by Alex Rossin

Wabash College Campus Tour, by Adam Phipps

University of Pittsburgh Campus Tour, by Adam Peniazek

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