Best hardware to turn your computer into your dorm’s entertainment center


Your dorm room is not special. Everyone has one. So how do you set your temporary living space apart? How do you rise above the drudgeries of residence hall living? Easy, you turn your little white cubbyhole into an epic, face-melting multi-media palace. You don’t need to run out and spend your entire student loan check on a home theater system. You’ve already got all the fixings right there in your laptop, you just need to do a little accessorizing.

BassJump portable subwoofer

Twelve South’s portable subwoofer is built for MacBooks and is about the size of a thick Belgian waffle. Its compact size means no matter where you go, you can bring the bumpin’. Plug it into your MacBook, download some simple software from Twelve South’s website and you don’t just have a laptop anymore: you have booty-rockin’ bounce machine. Caution: your milkshake may cause a sudden influx of boys to the yard.

BenQ 27-inch M2700HD Monitor

computer monitor
There are some pretty formidable monitors out there. But none of them really resolve the fact that making your computer operate like a big screen TV should cost less than just buying a big screen TV. BenQ’s new widescreen HD monitor is big, shiny, and best of all, reasonably priced. It’s Windows compatible and you and your roommate could split it for about the same price as your Italian textbook. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s 27 inches? Go ahead and play Farmville on that sucker—you can almost smell the manure.


Getting every conceivable type of media surging thunderously from your lap top means your ancillary gear is going to be vying for attention: Turning one thing on means turning another three off. No, no don’t get up—just pull out your iPhone. UnityRemote from GEAR4 is a universal remote hub that turns your iPhone into an all-powerful remote control. The soon-to-be-launched product links to all your media machines, and pretty much makes you a magic wizard, with the ability to let loose a tide sounds and images with the wave of your hand. This of course would mean your dorm room is certifiably way better the rest of them–because they don’t have any wizards.

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