Case Students Celebrate the Election with Unrestrained Enthusiasm


Nov. 4th, 2008 By Youngmin Park Unigo Campus Rep at Case Western Reserve University On the night of November 4th, 2008 hundreds of students flooded outside their dormitories to scream Obama’s name and celebrate his landslide victory. The air was filled with an exciting and contagious buzz that easily coerced even the shyest students to participate in cheering Obama’s triumph.   Not a minute passed without the sound of students hollering some words of victory or chanting “O-Ba-ma!” throughout the night. Freshman Bharathi Muthusamy was particularly excited to have voted. “This is the first time I actually voted so it’s exciting to see the person I voted for win. I actually got to use my rights for this country for once and that’s exciting,” she said. Another freshman, Ron Leibach, simply said, “I am really really really happy!” Despite the unrestrained enthusiasm among the liberal students, there were a few conservatives who were disappointed but gracefully accepted the situation without complaint.  Conservative freshman and Marine David Swartz said, “It’s interesting.  I’m not too excited but we’ll see what happens. I think either candidate would have made a good president. I voted for McCain because his ideas closely mirror mine, but I think Obama will make a good president – I hope he will.” Case students may be busy with their schoolwork, but their reaction to the results of the election is proof they always find time to express themselves politically.  They made it clear they have never been so excited to be part of such a timeless election.

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