Gator’s Homecoming Has Fans Bleeding Orange and Blue


By Katie Evans Unigo Campus Rep at the University of Florida “Blue! Orange! Blue! Orange!” The chanting of University of Florida students could be heard miles away as their school spirit overpowered their need to have their voices the next morning. Homecoming week had arrived at UF and nothing was getting in the way of school spirit. As Friday approached, every student at the University of Florida was getting their orange and blue gear ready. Gator Growl, the largest student-run pep rally in the world, was a few short days away and the Homecoming football game versus the Kentucky Wildcats followed suit. Homecoming week was almost over and the town of Gainesville was bleeding orange and blue. “It was really fun to experience my first-ever Gator Growl and Homecoming football game in college,” said Courtnay Cardozo, a first year double majoring in agricultural and biological engineering and civil engineering. “College homecoming is definitely completely different than high school homecoming.” When Friday, Oct. 24th arrived, there wasn’t a student within a 20-mile radius of Gainesville who wasn’t feeling pumped up for Gator Growl. This year’s main performer, The Steve Miller Band, was not a UF student’s ideal choice, but, nevertheless, everyone was excited to be celebrating Gator football. “Gator Growl wasn’t what I expected it to be; there was a bunch of hype about it, but I think that it didn’t live up to all of the expectations,” said Brandon Breslow, first year advertising major. “Then again, it’s more about the spirit of our school than the band performing.” One of the highlights of this year’s Gator Growl was the appearance of “Mr. Two Bits,” George Edmondson, Jr., UF’s pride and joy for over 50 years. Along with his cameo came the proposal of one UF student to another. After having dated for five years, one Gator realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his college sweetheart and what better way to propose than in front of their entire student body? “That guy proposing to his girlfriend was so sweet!” exclaimed Sara Hutton, first year political science major. “That was definitely one of the best parts of Gator Growl.” Following the performance of The Steve Miller Band and the finale of Gator Growl was the University of Florida versus the University of Kentucky Homecoming football game the next afternoon. After being pumped up from Spirit Week, the students at UF were ready to support the Gators as much as possible! “The game was so awesome!” expressed Jacob Muzzarelli, first year health science major. “We destroyed Kentucky!” With a final score of 63-5, the Florida Gators could not have had a more successful football game, or a more successful Homecoming as a whole. Scoring a record-breaking twenty-eight points in the first quarter alone, UF set the tone for the rest of the game. Adding up to nine touchdowns in total, the Gator’s Homecoming game showed that no team can touch the University of Florida. “Right now, no team can compete with the Gators,” explained Tam Le, first year psychology major. “We are on our way straight to the SEC Championship and we are taking no prisoners.” Nothing can compare to the camaraderie felt when one experiences a college homecoming. The fact that this one happened at the University of Florida just makes it that much better. One proposal: check. One farewell of Mr. Two Bits: check. One Homecoming game win: double check. Experiencing a University of Florida Homecoming: priceless.

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