Hot and Cold Sports at Denison University


By Liz Haughton Unigo Campus Rep at Denison Nov. 5, 2008 At Denison University athletics can be either “hot” or “cold.” Some sports get large numbers of fans, while others only get a handful. Let’s take a look at some “hot” sports for a minute. The one sport that usually dominates the crowd attendance at Denison is men’s lacrosse. This lacrosse team has a long history of success, and right now is considered one of the best teams at the Division III level. With this reputation, both students and locals turn out for games. The biggest weekend in the spring actually revolves around men’s lacrosse when they play their arch-nemesis Ohio Wesleyan. This long-standing tradition called “OWU Weekend” gets just about as much alumni as homecoming weekend does. The weekend includes several other festivities with the big game at the center of this. The location alternates back and forth each year, but the tailgates and parties occur no matter what. On the women’s side, the soccer team receives large crowds for their games. They are usually ranked in the top 20 for Division III, and have been given berths to the NCAA tournament the past several years. The men’s soccer team also gets big crowds, especially for the school rival Ohio Wesleyan. The sport Denison is probably most known for is not the sport that receives the most spectators. The swimming and diving team has won several national championships, and is recognized as one of the top programs in the country. The swim team is sometimes referred to as a cult on campus. During the season, swimmers are rarely seen outside of the pool except to eat and — of course — attend class. Football is one of the “cold” sports. Not many students attend mostly because everyone is in their dorms watching Big Ten games. When the announcer gives updates on the Ohio State score, the crowd cheers louder than it does for a Denison touchdown. The main reason why football is at the top of everyone’s list is because we are right next to one of the best Division I teams in the country, Ohio State. I had the opportunity to attend an Ohio State football game a couple of weekends ago, and let me put it simply that Buckeye football is a way of life. Everyone in Ohio is wearing a jersey, whether they are attending a game or not. Restaurants shut down for the game since everyone is at home watching it. So if you do want to experience big time football while still attending a small liberal arts school, Denison is the right place for you. Overall sports are a very central part of campus life if you want them to be.