Obama Makes History and the Lobster in the Kitchen is Unhappy


By Sullivan Cousins Unigo Campus Rep at University at Buffalo At 11:01pm on November 4th, 2008, the guests and residents of a small apartment on Minnesota Avenue in Buffalo New York erupted into cheers and hugs as they celebrated the announcement of the victor in the most recent presidential election. One minute earlier they had all been sitting around a television watching Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert keep tally of the electoral votes on Comedy Central, when Stewart paused Colbert midway through a Joke and announced Obama had won California, Oregon, and Washington, thereby making him the next president of the United States of America. Megan Roth, a registered republican who supported Obama in this election said, “I’m so happy he won. This is huge. Wow”, as she grinned ear to ear. She claims to have lost faith in the Republican party after the events that unfolded during the Bush administration, “It was mainly the deep recession, the enormous debt, deregulation, the environmental crisis, the two wars, increasing unemployment, my tuition bills, the loss of civil liberties, the thousands of dead soldiers in the middle east, and the global opinion of us that made think the republican party wasn’t doing such a great job, and it might be time for a change”. The only McCain supporter in the apartment, named Eric Sanz, was standing in the kitchen at the time of the announcement, standing in front of the refrigerator – still dressed in his lobster costume from Halloween – looking for something to eat. “It’s a mistake.” He said, “You’ll see. It’s a mistake”. He was commenting on the mistake that 63,353,266 Americans made on Tuesday by voting for Sen. Barak Obama. At this point in time, it is impossible to tell if Eric is right or wrong, but there is no doubt that the entire country is eagerly awaiting to see how the Obama administration will fare in the face of the daunting crisis facing the United States of America and their citizens.

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