Penn State Sports: For the Glory of Old State


By Samantha Pearson Unigo Intern at PSU Nov. 12, 2008 Ohio State’s quarterback, Terrell Pryor lowered his head in defeat, while the entire Penn State football team went delirious with happiness.  The Penn State students present at the away game against the Ohio State Buckeyes complete with our traveling “S Zone”, jumped up and down, screaming and waving signs. This was our first victory at Ohio State’s football stadium- the Horseshoe- in 30 years. Almost all 43,000 students at Penn State watched their TV screens in disbelief. We had won! We were overflowing with pride in our still undefeated football team.   Student living rooms, common areas, and local bars and restaurants were filled with cheers and Penn State fight songs. Thousands of students rushed out of their dorm rooms, apartments and houses, spraying beer in to the air and igniting fireworks! The entire mob joined down on College Avenue where we began a friendly riot for the next several hours. Students danced and hugged each other. We tossed fans up in the crowd, reminding us of our game traditions. Those out of hand broke stop signs, knocked over trash bins, and brought down two lamp posts. Some were pepper sprayed by police while others peacefully went back to their dorm rooms. We all showed our pride in our team. Some feel positive about our great riot, even though it ended with 15 people being charged for various misdemeanors. James Eckard, a freshman in engineering, said, “We had the right to celebrate; we did something that hasn’t been done in 30 years; beat OSU at home.” Others feel differently about the night though. “It’s fun to support a team and go crazy for them, but why destroy your own town as a consequence?” said Junior Dan Wager, a kinesiology major. Regardless of the post-game ruckus, here at Penn State, we love our football, and we love our sports teams.  With student white-outs, a game day tradition where Penn State fans all wear white, and guard the lion shrine against rival teams, it is impossible to not get caught in the Penn State fever. “Love them,” said Wager when asked about Penn State sports. “I wouldn’t root for any other college team ever.” Penn State students tailgate for hours before football games and attend an assortment of pep rallies for other teams. We all feel united in our student pride. Blue codes for the soccer and field hockey teams. Striving to be in the “S Zone” and passionately hating Pitt. Loving our Nittany Lion and our football coach, Joe Paterno. Our traditions, Blue Band, and spirit bind all of us together. “I love the Nittany Lion because he gets the fans pumped up and he stands for Penn State,” said Sarah Kretz, a junior studying psychology. Another sport that gets both male and female Penn State students excited is our women’s volleyball team. Our lady players are undefeated this season and won their 1000th game in the program’s history on Nov.1 against the Iowa Hawkeyes. The volleyball players have a loyal fan following and are constantly supported by the school. “I can’t wait for the game on Wednesday,” said loyal spectator Carrie Smith, a sophomore studying nutrition. “They are amazing to watch.” Penn State students are always pumped up for a game, whether it is football, volleyball or another one of our varsity offerings. Our sports programs show our pride and bring unity to the student body. “The sports at Penn State have a good way of getting students excited and instills school pride,” said Eckard. “I enjoy watching and participating in sports at Penn State,” agreed Smith. “We have a very athletic atmosphere here and it’s refreshing.”

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