Reactions to President Elect at FSU


By Ashley Ross Unigo Campus Rep at FSU Doak Campbell stadium at Florida State was a buzz last night as the President of FSU, T.K. Wetherell hosted an election viewing party. Wetherell opened the President’s Box at the stadium to all the students of FSU. Free food and the opportunity to be on T.V. was all that was needed to convince thousands of students to gather at the stadium to share in this historical election. The party was scheduled to begin at 6:00pm and by 6:15pm there was already along line outside of the stadium. Once inside the President’s Box, there was an arrangement of food such as hot dogs, bratwurst, chips and fried macaroni and cheese. As the crowd began to fill the stadium, FSU’s infamous marching chiefs were also present to play a variety of patriotic songs. Despite all the tension surrounding the questionable outcome, there was no air of mean spirits from Republicans towards Democrats. It seemed as though all the individuals attending this party were looking forward to being a part of this moment regardless of the outcome. Once the election analysis began, CBS correspondent Katie Couric would periodically check in with the CBS correspondent at the stadium. Once the announcement was made that Barack Obama was named President, the stadium lit up with students celebrating by jumping, yelling, screaming, and even hugging random strangers. Alanna, a democratic graduate student who was in tears explained, “This is one of those moments that you never forget. I am a part of history and I am so proud to have Obama as my President representing my heritage and my country.” Outside the stadium, an orchestra of car horns could be heard honking nonstop. Other students were not as exuberant, “I am just shocked. I have no words,” said Alicia who is a freshman and a devout Republican.  Amidst all the car horns honking, wild screams of victory and students running along street sidewalks exhibiting celebratory mannerisms, Sean who is a junior biology major reacted to the election result, “This election has truly changed history. Obama winning not only signifies progression within the entire nation, but it also signifies the need for improvements for the country’s leadership methods.” The celebration continued into the early morning hours of 1:00 and 2:00am. A variety of celebrating has already taken place, but more Obama victory parties will be held throughout Tallahassee for the remainder of the week.

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