Sports Fervor at FSU


By Ashley Ross Unigo Campus Rep at Florida State University, Tallahassee Florida State University students are far from apathetic when it comes to their school’s athletics. On game day, obsession with the Seminoles is evident in packed stands, painted faces and expletives against arch-rival University of Florida. Football is unquestionably the most popular sport on campus, but all the ‘Nole teams feel the love and support from the student body. Soccer On October 23, FSU women’s soccer was scheduled to play Clemson, and it poured rain. The soccer team still played through the rain and there was a large crowd of supporters bundled up in their jackets, rain-boots and ponchos carrying umbrellas to brave the weather. Dave, a junior majoring in political science was one of the soggy fans braving the rain to watch the women play. “Of course I came out to watch these women play, I don’t care if it’s raining. The amount of talent these ladies have is remarkable. I respect their athletic ability quite a bit,” he said. Dave has been a fan of FSU’s soccer team since his freshman year. “I’ve sat through games that were unbearably hot, really windy, cold and rainy. Nothing but lightning stops this team from playing and the same goes for me too.” The Seminoles went on to beat Clemson 4-0 in their final home game on the 2008 season that day. Football On Saturday, October 25, Florida State football played against Virginia Tech and beat them 30 – 20. It was also parent’s weekend which added to the excitement of the game. Angela, a freshman at Florida State was accompanied by both her parents who flew to Tallahassee for the game from Maryland. “This is my fifth football game and I can’t get enough”, she said. “I absolutely love the environment at an FSU football game. Everyone is so friendly and enjoying themselves”.  As a freshman Angela is still learning the ropes at FSU, but she has said that since coming to FSU football games it has really helped her branch out and meet new people. “Every time I go to a game I befriend at least four new people. I can’t wait for the game against Clemson too!” From the fan’s perspectives, football games are nothing short of a big celebration of people partying during the weekend. However, from a football player’s standpoint, there is more than just celebrating going on, such as hard work throughout the week leading up to these monumental games. Rodney Hudson, a sophomore playing offensive guard notes, “Participating in athletics hurts schoolwork because you may have a football meeting at 6:30am, then have classes from 8am –1pm, then football practice from 2pm-7pm and then that’s most of the day already gone,” he said.  “We have that same schedule mostly every day.” Clearly the FSU football players have a lot more on their plate to deal with than the average FSU fan may realize. In addition, almost everyone at FSU knows about the legendary rivalry with University of Florida, as it has been going on since 1902. The players, coaches and times have changed but a certain tradition remains at FSU. Before every match-up between FSU and UF, the FSU football players have a meal prepared for them in which they have the opportunity to chow down on some gator before playing the UF Gators the following day. Basketball On October 29, FSU men’s basketball team played an exhibition game against Lower Columbia College. This was the first game of the 2008 season, and the Seminoles didn’t hold back. The turnout for the game was relatively large considering it was a Wednesday night and an exhibition game. Long-time supporters Emily and Corryne, who are seniors at FSU, were excited for the men’s team. “We lost a lot of really good players last year so it was difficult to tell how the team would be this season.” Midway through the half, the Seminoles were leading by 20 points. “The athleticism of this team is amazing,” said Adam, an FSU alumnus from 1995. “There are a lot of young boys out there but you can see the potential and the talent they possess. I predict this team doing really well this season,” he said. Leonard Hamilton (Men’s Basketball Head Coach) knows how to put together a really strong team that is cohesive.” Adam’s prediction may be nothing short of accurate as the Seminoles finished the game strong beating LCC 101 – 43.

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