Top 10 Things to Know About UMass Sports!


By Jessica Brown Unigo Campus Rep at UMass Amherst Nov. 7, 2008 10. After a touchdown, be ready for: as many high kicks from the dance team as there are UMass points, push-ups from the cheerleaders, and three BANGS from the mini-canon-firing squad. 9. Between periods at hockey games, prepare to shake your booty. 8. Get ready to learn the cheers! This is a MUST for hockey games…you’ll see. 7. Speaking of cheers, be ready to diss the other team—profanities encouraged. 6. After a hockey game, you may experience voice-loss. 5. Football, hockey, basketball…do other sports exist? 4. If we make it to a big game, beware: there will be riots after the game win or lose. 3. Watch for special games, like the Homecoming football game—the first fans to the stadium get free t-shirts! 2. While in the crowd, look for Sam—he will find you. And take a picture with him while you’re at it! 1. Always remember: REAL MINUTEMEN WEAR MAROON!

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