Unigo Guide to Sinners & Saints: Temperance and Gluttony


Some students want it all, while others prefer all things in moderation. The Unigo Guide to Sinners and Saints is turning the spotlight on schools that cater to Gluttony and feed your Temperance. Eat up!

TEMPERANCE: There’s more to life than “work hard, play hard,” say blissed-out students at these just-right schools. Not too hard, too easy, too sporty or too political, these three schools have something for everyone.

Indiana University at Bloomington (Bloomington, IN):

With an undergrad population of about 30,000, IUB is just big enough to have a niche for every kind of person. One student writes, “IU is a large enough school for you to find whatever subset of people you are looking for. If you want the wild party crowd, you surely can find it. However, if you are looking for people who are low key, have diverse interests, or strong convictions, you can find them here too.” The offerings at IUB are vast, as long as students are willing to take advantage of them. Another student says, “If you are looking for an intense academic environment, then IUB is the school for you. If you are looking for a big campus filled with diversity and opportunities, then IUB is the school for you. If you want a well-rounded experience, then IUB is the school for you.” Accompanying the open opportunities are open and friendly people, says an IUB student: “Students can express themselves without fearing criticism. Students and faculty have a have a mutual respect for each other. Professors will talk to students as equals.” University of Montana (Missoula, MT): With gorgeous mountainous scenery and students eager to take on the activities the landscape offers, it isn’t hard to see how this relaxed campus maintains perspective. “Montana students are very laid back,” observes one student. “Nobody is here trying to become the next president of the United States or the highest powered lawyer in the nation. Conversation is open and honest, students are friendly and real.” Students also rave about the welcoming atmosphere at Montana. “The UM student body is enormous and so diverse! You will find almost every race and religion on the campus which is a wonderful and educating adventure. I don’t think any student would feel out of place at Montana.” On the whole, this well-balanced school harbors some pretty satisfied students. As a student sums up: “why not go to school where the education is great, the people are friendly and fun, the available activities are almost endless, and the surrounding area (the whole state even) is absolutely breathtaking.” College of Charleston (Charleston, SC): At this little school in Charleston, southern hospitality overflows, and students form a tight-knit collegiate family. “It is small enough to function like a community,” writes one student, “you’ll start to recognize people, mostly because they’ll say hi as they begin to recognize you. Among the College of Charleston students exists a fabulous camaraderie.” Though you might expect a campus of this size to lean one direction or another, the only direction C of C lays is back. “I think a lot of people would be surprised to find that the political and social character of the campus is incredibly varied. We’ve got outlets for almost everybody, and we’re always adding more.” No single aspect overshadows another here. Academics, sports, Greek life, and the party scene are happily balanced. And if “happy” doesn’t describe C of C, this student clarifies: “Charleston is heaven on earth, and the campus is its center.” GLUTTONY: These stand-out schools know that the way to a student’s heart is through the stomach. Freshmen come to college ready to gripe about cramped dorms, the lack of parking, and totally mediocre food. Some lucky freshmen, however, walk into the dining hall and realize that, in one respect anyway, they’re going to be just fine. Cornell University (Ithaca, NY): Cornell students struggle with notoriously tough academics and winters that extend from November through April. When it comes to meals, though, they have all the luck. “The food at Cornell is worth it. People might think that food is a small part of college life, but when faced with the same thing 3 times a day for 4 years, it does play an important part of your lifestyle,” says one junior. One sophomore points out,“Ithaca is an amazing town with INCREDIBLE food (more restaurants per capita than NYC). The dining halls on campus are amazing.” And another sophomore sums it up: “The food is AWESOME here. From the dining halls to Taverna Banfi, the restaurant in the Statler Hotel, there is ALWAYS delicious food around campus.” Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA): Hokies can’t stop raving about what they get to eat at Virginia Tech. “The food is amazing. I believe it’s rated among the best in the entire country. Let’s face it, food is good. And good food is great. There are so many options, ranging from ABP to a home cooked meal from Westend. And for all the health fanatics, it’s very easy to be healthy on campus. It truly is like dining out at a restaurant for every meal,” says one senior. A junior agrees that the food is just as impressive as the football: “The best thing about VT? The FOOD! Let’s be honest, you think you’re parents’ cooking is good? Just you wait. We won first place in the nation this past year for College Campus Food, and believe me, it was well-deserved. Also, unlike a lot of other Virginia schools, our meal plan works like a debit card, which lets us eat whenever and wherever we want (as opposed to pre-determined, set meal times with limited selection).” Bates College (Lewiston, ME): One junior declares, “One of the best things about Bates is the FOOD. Students are known to spend hours lounging at Commons, the one dining hall for the entire student body which was just rebuilt this year. Commons features delicious brick oven pizza and a vegan bar that is to die for.” Students agree that what’s special about Bates is epitomized by their dining experiences: they aren’t merely served food, they are brought together as a community to enjoy it. A sophomore explains: “Old Commons. What a place. There was a sense of camaraderie as we all filed in, knowing that we would leave smelling like Pablo’s Pizza meets white bean soup meets make your own cheesecake. Commons workers knew you by name and you knew them by name. They would rescue you when the toaster caught on fire; they would look for more green tea when the stand was out; they would never kick you out. In the morning people would scavenge for the paper: Sidekick from the globe; the Science Times from the NY Times on Tuesday mornings. The comfort and acceptance of commons was epitomized by the Napkin Board. Between the insults of wilted spinach and the demand for Craisins was an appreciation for what it stood: a place where all Batesies came together.”

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