What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting at Emory


By Viviana Arboleda Unigo Campus Rep at Emory University 1. Greek Life: As an international student, I had no idea what “Greek Life” was. I didn’t know why fraternities and sororities existed, and I surely didn’t understand, once I got here, why students thought it was such a big deal to be part of one. But as time passed and I got to know more people involved in one of the groups, I started understanding more about their mentality and their dedication. I rushed my sorority Tri Delta my junior year, and I regret doing it so late. I’ve learned that by being in a sorority you have support, respect, and friendship. For example, one of my sisters wanted to form a group to participate in Relay for Life. She mentioned it in one of our meetings and we all signed up and raised over $500. The support you get is unbelievable. Also, you find girls with pretty many similar interests and likes. So, I would have loved to know more about Greek Life in High School so I would have spent time deciding whether I wanted to be in or not. 2. Cafeteria Food (i.e. In Emory, the DUC): I’m not used to eating in a cafeteria every day. During High School, I always ended up eating my three main meals at home. I wasn’t used to cafeteria food. So when I came to college, I absolutely refused to eat cafeteria food because I wasn’t used to the typical food they served here. I really missed my mom’s home cooking. But as time passed, I realized that Emory served food for everybody’s taste, not necessarily “cafeteria food”. They offer vegetarian and kosher meals. They even have an international section where you can taste food from other parts of the world. So I would’ve liked to be more open-minded and ready to taste other people’s delicacies. 3. Dorm life: Dorms at Emory are really nice compared to dorms in other schools. But despite how nice they are, it is really hard getting used to living in a small room with another person. My freshman year, I lived with a girl from Korea. I was born and raised in Colombia, so our ways of living clashed a lot. We used to fight about simple things, like how loud the TV could be, at what time the lights should be turned off — really insignificant things. Before I came to Emory, I would’ve liked to know more about dorm life and how to prepare for it. Also, I would have liked to meet some of the girls I was living with, via internet, before I arrived to have a better feel of what my life would be once I got here. 4. Transportation: I worried a lot about transportation. My mom didn’t want me to have a car for my first two years of college because she wanted me to live on campus and learn to live without a car. When I came here my first day, I learned that the school offers you many options and having a car shouldn’t be something you should be worrying about freshman year.

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