10 Simple Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15


There’s plenty of nutrition advice out there that tell you to exercise every day, eat right and cut out alcohol. Yeah, that might work for about a week, but if you’re like me, you’ll quickly fall back into your old routine. On a college campus, it’s practically impossible to lead a totally healthy lifestyle, but you can still lose that emerging belly and chin fat by making these little changes:

1. Stop eating while studying – go to the library or somewhere else where food isn’t allowed.
2. Stop buying extra snacks. When you don’t have unhealthy snacks in the house, chances are you’ll be too lazy to go to the store.
3. Drink a glass of juice before dinner and wait 5 minutes – you’ll instantly feel fuller and there will be less room in your stomach for actual food.
4. Drink plenty of green tea (guys, no it doesn’t take away from your masculinity). DO NOT buy “dieter’s tea”- you’ll have diarrhea for days.
5. Eat whatever you want for breakfast and lunch, but have a small carb-free dinner on weekdays.
6. Don’t get seconds! You’re probably already full, but it takes about 15 minutes to feel so.
7. Mix hard liquor with diet soda. It actually tastes much better. Drink whatever beer you want – you can’t limit yourself everywhere, but DO NOT get munchy food after a night of drinking!
8. If you’re a caffeine lover – indulge. It fills you up like no other – but limit yourself to 1 latte a week and use low or non-fat creamer. You’ll barely tell the difference if the coffee is good.
9. If you hate exercising, walk to class. Don’t take the shuttle and opt for stairs instead of escalators and elevators.
10. If you can, go to the supermarket by yourself – that way you won’t have to look at your friends buying jumbo-size Doritos. Tell your friends to stop offering you food and dragging you to the cafeteria when you’re not hungry.

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