4 Reasons You’ll Miss Your Mom at College


College MomAh, college. You’ve waited for this moment for 18 years. It’s time to celebrate your freedom and test the limits of your imagination. But beware; the next few weeks are going to be a roller coaster ride of emotions. Yes, things may seem pretty perfect right now, but that could all change very soon. When your roommate starts to get on your last nerve or you’re struggling in one of your classes, chances are you’re going to want to call her. No, not your bestie from high school, we’re talking about your mother. She’s been there through thick and thin, so it’s only natural that you just might miss her a little bit. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and it’s nothing you should be ashamed to admit. In fact, here are four things we bet your mom took care of for you at home that you wish she could help you with at college, too.


Cleaning Services

Remember when you would come home from school and you bedroom was spotless? It wasn’t a trio of elves pitching in to help make your bed and fold your clothes — that was dear old mom. Well, get used to doing all that for yourself. If you don’t (and most students let housework slide), you room could look like a cyclone hit it or smell like rotting animals. Of course, a visit from mom is sure to remedy that situation.

Fully Stocked Refrigerator

Trust us when we say grocery shopping is worse than sitting through a two-hour lecture. After you’ve walked the aisles and stood in line behind screaming toddlers just one time, you’ll come up with every excuse to avoid going to the grocery store ever again. You’ll never really appreciate all those food choices (healthy and unhealthy) your mom gave you at home until you are working on a paper at three o’clock in the morning. Nothing is worse than needing something to pick you up, only to find there is absolutely nothing in your mini-fridge.

Shopping Sprees

Once you’re settled into college, you can kiss those impromptu shopping trips goodbye. Mom won’t be there to pick up the bill or chauffeur you around. Long gone are those days of buying something because you “want” it. The only time you’ll spend any money now will be because you are required to have it for class.

Sunday Brunch

After a night of partying, nothing tastes better than some fried eggs, potatoes, bacon, and a large stack of pancakes. Unfortunately, you’ll neither have the means nor the energy to cook any of these for yourself at college. And forget about getting breakfast in bed. You’re on your own now, kiddo!

Of course, if you are smart, you’ll calendar some parental visits throughout your semester. It’s not only a great time to catch up, but also a great way to stock up! Your mom will inevitably want to tidy up your room (let her!), take you shopping, and treat you to some real food for lunch or dinner. It’s only for a day or two, but the pampering effects will last for weeks.

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