7 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Broke Students


Valentine's DayRelationships are complicated, especially when you are in college. You want to spend time with your significant other, but classes and homework seem to get in the way. If you push one or the other to the side, you either end up on academic probation or sitting alone scarfing down some Ben & Jerry’s while watching a slew of Nicholas Spark movies. It’s a delicate balancing act, which can be further complicated by that lovely, pseudo holiday Valentine’s Day; the one day of the year that being a ‘couple’ requires you to publicly announce your feelings for one another. Unfortunately, if you’re like most college students, your bank account is probably empty, so you’re going to have to get a little creative if you want to impress your special someone. But never fear; we have seven sure-fire, do-it-yourself gifts that are easy on your wallet and simple to make. Check them out.


Chocolate Bacon1. Chocolate Bacon

I know what you’re thinking, “ewww” right? Wrong! The mix of sweet chocolate and salty bacon is a perfect combination and highly addicting. Best of all, it’s super easy to make. Just head to your local grocery store and pick up some pre-cooked bacon, grab some microwaveable chocolate, and dip away! Put the finished pieces in a pretty tin or container, and wrap with a bow.


2. Composition iPad Cover

Why pay $20, $30 or even $40 for an iPad cover when you can pick up a $1.00 composition book at the local dollar store and make your own cover? All you need are a few hair bands, the plastic insert from the iPad box, a needle and thread, a box cutter (or other sharp knife), and some glue. Just follow this tutorial from Lil Blue Boo and you’ll soon have a great gift.

3. Personalized Glassware

You don’t have to wait until you’re married to start monogramming your belongings. In fact, a really sweet gesture would be to make a matching set of his & her wine glasses or beer mugs for Valentine’s Day. You only need a total of four items for this project, including: glassware, a heart-shaped window cling, etching cream, and some letter stickers. And guess what? It takes less than 10 minutes to complete a set of 4 glasses.

4. Skittles Vodka

You know what would go great with those etched glasses you just made? Some delicious Skittles Vodka (unless you’re under 21), that’s what. Infused alcohols are all the rage right now and they are pretty easy to make, too. Here’s what you will need: a bottle of vodka (1.75 liter), five decorative bottles (at least 8.5 ounces each), one large bag of Skittles, five empty water bottles, a funnel, a measuring cup, and some coffee filters. Follow the easy instructions on Mix That Drink, and you’ll soon have a colorful gift for one, or for yourself. If you want something a little less messy, but still yummy, try the recipe for Jolly Rancher Vodka, instead.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts5. 49 Reasons I Love You

If you’re one of those hopeless romantics, this is the perfect gift for you. Simply take a deck of playing cards, some stickers, and some book rings to create this sentimental craft. You could also get creative and use a template to make the ‘reasons’ look pretty, but I personally prefer the handwritten touch on the stickers. You also don’t have to deal with glue and waiting for it to dry. Of course, if you can’t think of 49 reasons why you love your significant other, maybe you should rethink your relationship or at least this gift.

6. 2014 Date Basket

This gift will either solidify your relationship or totally scare off the other person. Either way, I think it’s a great idea for Valentine’s Day. Pick up a pretty basket at your local thrift shop, get 12 specialty envelopes (9 x 12 inches is a good size) and some white labels (one for each month) for the envelopes. Next, use your creativity to plan 12 dates for this year. Put the details of each date into the appropriate envelope, and don’t forget to add important items, such as tickets or a map. You can keep the dates close to home, work off of a bucket list, or plan some weekend getaways. It’s totally up to you.

7. Movie Night Basket

If you are really strapped for cash, but still want to enjoy a night alone, this gift should fit the bill. Take an empty shoe box, or other square container, and cover it with colorful paper. Next, fill it with some of your favorite treats; such as candy, popcorn, and chocolate. Add you favorite DVD and two mini bottles of wine (sparkling grape juice for those under 21). Finally, add that special someone and you’ll have the perfect way to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Have a great idea that is easy to make or doesn’t cost a lot of money? Share it with us in the comment section or on Twitter!

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