7 Supplies for a Clean Spring


Most of us lead dirty college existences that would make our mothers cringe. I’m not talking about your scandalous social life, you heathen. A filthy room doesn’t attract happy chi, so these easy tools are must-haves for your stinky space.

1. Disinfecting Wipes. Spilled Easy Mac on your desk? Need to clean up after that round of pregame tequila shots? These handy wipes clean up messes in a flash, and they disinfect… so that’s good.

2. Paper towels. Great for cleaning up and drying things. They can even be used as plates, napkins, Kleenexes, shoes (when your floor is too disgusting to stand on bare-foot), notebook paper, and toilet paper (don’t flush it unless you want a plumbing s(h)ituation).

3. Dishwashing Liquid. I know you use paper plates and cups because you hate doing dishes (I do too), but eventually you’ll have to clean out that moldy coffee pot. Even if you don’t have a single dish to clean, dishwashing soap is super handy. You can mix it with water and spray it to repel ants, use it as shampoo when you run out, take oily stains out of clothes, and clean up little duckies after an oil spill.

4. Microfiber Duster. Got the sneezes? It could be due to the dust in your dorm room. That fuzzy gray film consists of dead skin, hair, dust mite poo and corpses, fungus and other similarly nasty ingredients. These dusters grab the gunk instead of just stirring it up in the air.

5. Mini vacuum. These handheld sucker-uppers are perfect for small-space living. Cleaning up crumbs is a flash, and I’ve even used mine to eradicate small insects.

6. Swiffer. An essential for all hard floors. It’s quick to clean a dirty floor and they even make extra-powerful versions that have cleaning spray or vacuums attached. Way better than a broom, and you don’t have to deal with a dustpan.

7. Febreze. A stagnant laundry pile will not help lure the ladies or fellas into your room. Spray some Febreze in your hamper, over your sheets, and on your rug for a fresh ambiance. You can also spray down an outfit to make it seem like you’re wearing clean clothes…

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