And the Scholarship Winners Are…


We wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who applied to the +U $10,000 ‘Picture Your Success’ Scholarship program that ended on June 30, 2014. We received so many well-written essays that narrowing it down to five scholarship winners was actually quite difficult for our scholarship committee. We apologize for taking a bit longer to announce our winners than anticipated, but we wanted to give every application fair consideration. There was, after all, $50,000 in scholarships on the line, so we had to be sure we selected essays that not only addressed the scholarship prompt, but also displayed creativity and a unique perspective. After weeks of reading about everyone’s dreams and hopes for the future, there were five essays that stood out from the crowd. Among them, we found a future doctor, a teacher, a writer, a nurse, and a corrections officer. Their stories inspired us and we hope they inspire others, as well.

Marc D., New York

unigo-ss-winner-01As a teacher, I dream to inspire; To be that match that sets others on fire; To raise up my students, to help them come higher; From the day I am hired ‘til the day I retire. I’m committed to teach history with far more Passion than anyone ever before!

Yesenia R., Florida

unigo-ss-winner-01Vacationing from work at a beach in paradise. Sounds like success, right? But, that’s not me. See that figure parachuting in the distance? That’s me, dropping in to a remote village on the island awaiting access to healthcare, and I’m their bridge. Now that’s success, and the sky’s the limit!

John C., California

unigo-ss-winner-01A bundle of nerves Deep thought, precision, dedication Life’s most wonderful application Stretching in every possible direction What a move, a touch, a prime navigation A bundle of nerves Job’s main love White coat, mindset, latex glove Patients fearless, brain is open A smile, a success, a neurosurgeon has won

Crystal B., Washington

unigo-ss-winner-01Life contained in a little bowl Too much moxie for it to hold Worlds of wonder within my soul A future waiting to be told Determined not to sink or fail I’ll brave the deep and unknown Mingle amongst the shark and whale This little fish will hold her own

Anais M., Michigan

unigo-ss-winner-01Do you see that stubborn little plant? That’s me, well on my way to a successful job in the publishing industry. With my roots seeded deeply into the books I love and the endless possibilities sprouting like leaves, my future as a book enthusiast is boundless and worth every word.

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