BC Sports: Ten things freshmen should know


By Amanda Colwell Unigo Campus Rep at Boston College 10. If you want to play a competitive sport at BC but you did not make the varsity team (don’t feel bad, we’re an NCAA Division-I school – most of us didn’t either), check out our club sports. For more information, visit BC’s Club Sports Directory. 9. If a high intensity athletic environment is not for you, check out BC’s intramural sports. BC’s intramural sport program encourages exercise and fun. Meaning, aggressively competitive attitudes are unwelcomed and, in fact, banned. For more information, visit BC’s Intramurals Web site. 8. The words to “For Boston” are as follows: For Boston, for Boston, We sing our proud refrain! For Boston, for Boston, ‘Tis Wisdom’s earthly fane. For here all are one And their hearts are true, And the towers on the Heights Reach to Heav’ns own blue. For Boston, for Boston, Till the echoes ring again! For Boston, for Boston, Thy glory is our own! For Boston, for Boston, ‘Tis here that Truth is known. And ever with the Right Shall thy heirs be found, Till time shall be no more And thy work is crown’d. For Boston, for Boston, For Thee and Thine alone. Learn them because you will be singing them at rallies. 7. BWHO? Get ready to rival Boston University in hockey. 6. Speaking of hockey, watch Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern and Harvard fight for Boston bragging rights at the Beanpot Tournament. This Boston hockey tradition, held in February in the TD Banknorth Garden arena, is a two round tournament. BU currently holds the most titles (28), with BC falling in second place (14). 5. Go to Conte forum to watch the men’s AND women’s basketball and hockey teams. The stadium seats 8,606 for basketball and 7,884 for hockey. (You’ll be needing tickets for those games, too). 4. The 6 foot tall American Bald Eagle dressed in maroon and gold, (you may have seen him chilling with the cheerleaders or jumping up and down on his head during halftime), is named Baldwin. He’s quite friendly. 3. Know about Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary… it is kind of a big deal here 2. We are not fans—we are Superfans. And when BC scores a touchdown, Superfans raise a girl in the air to mark every point scored. 1. Alumni Stadium is home to the men’s football team. If you want to watch the games there then BUY TICKETS EARLY!

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