Best Tech Accessories for Spring Break (and Its Aftermath)


Dudes, dudettes: spring break is approaching faster than you think. It seems as if one day you’re registering for fall classes and the next, you’re waking up with in Cancun with a name you don’t recognize tattooed on your chest. We’re going to try and help you prepare for a 21st century spring break so unforgettable, you won’t remember any of it.

iLingual iPhone app

Thinking of going to Daytona Beach this March? Don’t. Get out of the US for a week—you’ll be trapped here the rest of your life anyway. And while your aborad here’s an app as useful for getting where you need to go as your own passport: the iLingual translator. iLingual has apps in French, German, and Arabic with more on the way. Each version is equipped with 400 common, travel-aiding phrases for its given language. But here’s what makes iLingual so awesome: the app captures a picture of your mouth on your iPhone. As you ask a helpful foreign stranger for directions, hold your phone to your mouth and iLingual moves your lips while it speaks. Creepy? A little bit. Clever? Most definitely.

Kodak Playsport Camera

This bad boy is pretty sweet. Kodak’s camera comes with you wherever you go—no really. The sleek little camcorder fits in the palm of your hand, it’s durable enough to take a few bumps, and, oh yeah, shoots under water in depths up to ten feet (that’s for snorkeling or whatever, not sneaking peeks at bikini bottoms, people). The Playsport record 1080p HD videos and has an inbuilt, high-contrast LCD screen for recording and playback. The screen is glare-proof so you can see what your recording during beach volleyball. And should this spring break find you running with the bulls or running from the police, the Playsport has electronic image stabilization so the videos your make of your spring break will be a lot less blurry than your memories of it.

DrinkTracker iPhone app

We are looking out for you on this one. DrinkTracker monitors your drink intake and calculates your blood alcohol content to help prevent you from having to be administered an actual Breathalyzer. You can imput your specifications (height, weight, age, gender) and specific drinks you happen to imbibe and DrinkTracker tells you how close you are to being irrevocably wasted for the night. DrinkTracker can also handle multiple drinking buddies at once, if you need to know which on of you is sober enough to beg the bouncer not to forcibly remove you all from the bar.

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