Best Tech Tips for a More Musical College Experience


You know all those scenes in movies where some super cool college kids are strutting through the super cool quad and there is some super cool music blasting in the background? That’s going to be you, only more super and cooler, because you’re picking the music. Here’s some excellent stuff to help you pump out the jams.

i-Luv ISP150 iPad Bar Speaker

We know you love your iPad, it’s just so damn cool and so damn useful. And you don’t care that you’re the guy who’s always poking around your pad everywhere you go. And you don’t care that people snicker at you just out of earshot, and joke about how nerdy your obsession with your lover-pad is. Pack up this speaker bar from i-Luv and the next time you sense some nearby naysaying, hit them with a fierce blast of rock! This snazzy speaker snaps into your iPad jack and funnels sweet soul music out of your pad and into the world. The ISP150 is slender and compact so you won’t cancel out the portability of your iPad. It’s always handy and perfect for outdoor loafing or impromptu dance-fighting.

Infinite Response VAX77

Hey musicians, what’s the worst part about gigging? It’s your heavy ass gear that you need to haul around for hours before and after your 20 minute set. To make matters worse, you’re in college now and you can be failing tests because you were up til 4am trying to Tetris your PA into the back of the van. Do we have a solution for you–no, sorry, not unless you’re a keyboard player. But keyboard players are sure going to like this one: Infinite Response’s VAX77 keyboard is a badass music machine filled with ear splitting features and gadgetry to make Mozart wet himself. But we don’t care about that because this keyboard can fold itself in half right down the middle. That’s right, it’s as obvious as it is genius- no more wide-turning, completely un-totable decks for you key-tinklers. This beast splits its size down to a super manageable 44 key half-board height and gets you good to go.

JVC RV-NB50 Kaboom

Get ready for the mother of all iPod docks. Back in the 90’s JVC released the Kaboom: a hulking sound monster built to be the boombox that could shatter eardrums and rumble tushes in any conditions. Rough and tumble and road tested with a super durable cylindrical exoskeleton, the Kaboom looked like something that fell off a spaceship and it brought the beat light turbo thruster. Their was only one problem: it was a CD player, and therefore completely useless within 3 years of its launch. But now the Kaboom is back, rebooted, and ready to rock your Birkenstocks off once again. The 2010 edition has massive USB storage, and kick-ass iPod dock that seals your pod in a protective hatch so your Kaboom can still take the beatings it was designed to withstand, without messing-up your more delicate items. Plus, just to make it even more hard-core, the Kaboom still plays CDs. It’s like a bridge across centuries.

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