Campus Issues: Students Share Their Woes


Adults whose college days are far behind them might scoff at current students’ laments about their campuses. But for students applying to school today, concerns about dining halls, construction, and parking aren’t just whining: these factors can play into the big decision of which school to attend. In a series of videos, undergrads describe the issues that matter to students on their campuses. Biking may seem quaint—but apparently it can be dangerous. Textbook costs can break the bank. And what is the “Gentleman’s Rule,” anyway?
What happens when a school admits more students than it can house? Alex Gao and Min Zhao interview students at Franklin & Marshall College: Villanova undergrads don’t just complain about food on campus—Lauren Piro reveals how they take a stand: At Texas State, the construction isn’t just noisy. One student tells Dalida Umuhire that the shaking shook her door right out of its frame: What demolition means to students at Michigan State University, by Timothy Schaefer Princeton University students speak about eating clubs, Proposition 8, and grade deflation, by Mackenzie Luzzi Students react to a basketball controversy at Binghamton University, by Mischa Surowicz Pitzer students offer their opinions on campus controversy and the administration, by Janet Alexander A look into the pros and cons of attending Santa Clara University, by Carolyn Nickell Colgate students speak about recent muggings and parking on campus, by Catherine Archer UIS undergrads give us the scoop on the best and worst attributes of their campus, by Karen Nickerson Students share the pros and cons of Wake Forest University, by Kevin Duck Why you should watch out for bikers at the University of Missouri – Columbia, by Becky May Students share their perspectives on Wabash College’s “Gentleman’s Rule,” by Adam Phipps Undergrads’ love/hate relationship with the University of Arizona, by Erin Sperling The best and worst aspects of Penn State, by Brittany Trott The necessity of owning a car, and other pieces of wisdom, from UCI students, by Perry Yates Lafayette students’ assessment of the best and worst parts of their school, by Alexander Wonnell Study abroad is Bowdoin’s hot topic this semester, by Abbie Mitchell A campus organization at UT Austin puts on an event to raise awareness about human trafficking, by Emily Wuebben Students react to celebrity drama at the University of Pittsburgh, by Adam Peniazek Hot topics at Reed College, by Emily Kirkpatrick Students lament SUNY Purchase’s movement from an artsy school to a more mainstream college, by Alex Rossin Housing woes and the decline of pre-orientation trips at Emory University, by Deborah Plotsky and Abby Schwamm The best and worst aspects of SVA, by Michael McIntosh A petition by FSU’s College Democrats, by Ashley Ross Students discuss the possible elimination of the quarter system and the cost of textbooks at Ohio State, by Zack Meisel

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