Consider Campus Clubs: Let the Adventures Begin!


If you are the type of student who spends a lot of time alone, sleeping or studying in your room, make a resolution to get out and explore your campus next term. College campuses are teaming with opportunities to expand your circle of friends and your horizons. A good way to learn new skills and meet new people is by joining a campus club or organization. Whether you are interested in politics, religion, sports or other activities, you are likely to find a group that shares your interests…if you are willing to look at what’s available for students. Here’s a list of student clubs that sound interesting; something similar just may be available on your campus.


Most campuses have a drama club or other thespian organization, and you typically do not need to be majoring in drama or the arts to join.  Some of the more interesting clubs include Boston University’s Asinine Club, The Mustard & Cheese Society at Lehigh University and the University of Washington’s The Collective. For those who can carry a tune, there are usually chorale and a cappella groups on campus to investigate. Some of the clubs with a lot of vocal talent have been featured on the TV show, ‘The Sing-off,’ including the Dartmouth Aires, University of Delaware Deltones and Vocal Point from Brigham Young University.


Are you a nature warrior? Do you look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Joining an environmental club is a great way to meet like-minded students and band together to make positive changes on your campus. You could organize an energy-saving day by encouraging students to exchange their incandescent bulbs for Energy Star compact fluorescent light bulbs, just as the members of the Renewable Energy Club at Connecticut College have done, or help arrange quarterly campus clean-up days; just imagine what you could do by joining others who are committed to saving the Earth.

Just for Fun

Maybe, you just want to find a group of people who have similar interests and just want to hang out together. If you attend Scripps, the Get Your Nerd On club may be just for you! Members meet weekly to watch old sci-fi shows like Star Trek and Dr. Who, and the club hosts monthly events and video marathons. Dartmouth’s Outing Club offers members the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. Students can rent cabins, equipment and take lessons through the club, as well.

Start planning now so you can start the upcoming school year with a new attitude. Your time at college will be some of the best years of your life; do you really want to look back and only have memories of your dorm room, study sessions and the quiet room of the campus library? It’s time to get out, meet new people and try new things;  just find a healthy balance between your studying and having a little fun. Not only will you make new friends, you may even discover a new talent or interest along the way.

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