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This past week the NCAA announced that over 10,000 total student-athletes have joined their ranks since the previous years Participation Study. This takes the number of student-athletes competing in the NCAA to over 430,000

This is great news for colleges and universities as well as college coaches and high school athletes. This increase in numbers of student-athletes also coincided with an increase of 176 programs from 2008-9 to 2009-10. All these numbers, and the significant growth of college athletics, is great news for you as long as you develop your recruitment plan, follow through with your plan and rise yourself above the many thousands of athletes looking for a home within collegiate athletics.

Get Noticed By College Coaches:

· Your Profile Page Photographs: As you have probably been told, a picture paints a million words. And, your photographs on your profile are very important because of this. A static glamour photograph is not going to grab the attention of a college coach. A photograph with you in action, especially when you are beating an opponent or with great form will allow the coach to imagine you in action – and succeeding for their program.

· Your Recruitment Video: Your video needs to be action packed with positive shots and you must be able to be seen by the coach. There is not a coach in the world that wants to watch a fuzzy video trying to guess which athlete you are. Therefore, the most important part of the video is that the coach can see you in action and distinguish you from everyone else. Be sure your videos are clear and, when possible, give an explanation of what is going on.

· Correspondence with Coaches: Not only is the content of your correspondence (emails, letters or phone calls) important but the frequency in which you correspond is very important. When a coach asks you a question or to do something you must be prepared to do this within 24 hours. If you do not hear from a coach within 3-4 days, follow up. Being on top of your correspondence shows the college coaches your interest in their program and that you want to be part of it.

· Visitations: Not only is it important to get out and visit campus, coaches and meet with the student-athletes but how you look and act is important how you look and act. Your first impression is the way you dress and your second impression is how you introduce yourself and the people you are with. Look professional, speak clearly and ask lots of well-prepared questions.

· Follow Through: After you have made all these great impressions how you follow up with coaches is important. Hand written Thank You notes after visits, phone calls when you are asked to call, and quick responses to emails all say that you are interested in wanting to be a college athlete at that specific institution.

The opportunities to be a college athlete are increasing and you will be one if develop a recruitment plan and follow it through. Be proactive in your recruitment, follow the tips above and get yourself to a college or university that will fulfill your needs academically, athletically and socially.

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