Get to work: How to make your own job and a name for yourself in the workplace


Hello, reader! My name is Sam. I’m a sophomore communication studies major at Emerson College. We could have met in person, or in a chat room, or not at all, but we are having this lovely one-sided conversation here. And why? Well, it is because I answered an online ad. But, why should you care about the terms of my employment?

Well, here’s a little more background: I am currently working two other positions besides this one — one at a nightclub and one producing a film — and I obtained all three jobs by wanting it, and then hoping for the best. It’s a simple tip but an important one: put yourself out there. Unless you showcase your talents, no one will know you have them. And truth is, unless you stretch your comfort zone while you have the opportunity, you may not either.

Let me connect this philosophy to my position at the club. I work at an incredible performance-centric venue, which was built halfway through my sophomore year. Before it even opened its doors, I knew I wanted to be there. I went through the application process, got hired, and was then deferred a month while the club was being built. I could have sat on the sidelines and waited around, like just another cog in the system, but ya girl was a little antsy. I wanted to be close to cash and the club vibe as soon as possible, so I brainstormed ways I could be helpful in the meantime.

I had painted rooms for my parents in the past, so on an off day, I walked into the club and offered to pick up a brush. Not only did that earn me a handful of cash a couple days a week, but in my time working the construction crew and I developed a great relationship with management, and I now get priority for hours in the job I applied for in the first place! I wasn’t a pro at painting — all I needed was the was drive and commitment — then I learned to develop my skill … and build relationships with my co-workers at the same time!

It all comes down to the advice my good friend Alejandro gave me when he encouraged me to produce his current film: if you want it, never say no. You’ll learn as you go, and there will always be someone there who can teach you.

Whether it’s a friend approaching you with a project, an employer in need of extra work, or a promising opportunity online, you will always be able to perform only as well as your will allows you. Of course you have to make sure that the source is legitimate, and not to let your plate get too full, but as long as you have the wish to grind, go for it! You can only improve. Worst case, you don’t get the position. Then, heads up, there’s a thousand more beautiful job links online just waiting to be clicked!

So, keep your eyes open and make your voice heard! Work time begins … now.

About the author

Sam Graudins, Emerson College studentSam is a life blogger from Franklin, Massachusetts with a big heart and a bigger appetite for sweets. She loves Korean bakeries, Japanese animation, and providing you insight into her college experience. Sam is a second-year communication studies major at Emerson College with a minor in gender studies, and she’s over the moon about sharing tips on how to have a fully-custom college experience. “Standardization is a rejection of creativity. Do you and do it big!”

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