Helpful Social Media for College Students


Today, college students have multiple accounts with different social media outlets, like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, You Tube and more. In this article, we’ve highlighted a few of the more useful social media websites for college students so that your student can maximize these sites to enhance their college experience.

The majority of college students have embraced social media; an astounding 85% of college students have Facebook profiles. While populating most of the major sites, many students may spend too much time on the social aspects of these sites and have not yet leveraged some of the more helpful social media tools available to them.

There are a number of social media websites that cater specifically to students that will help them network, collaborate, communicate, and make daily college tasks a bit easier. Facebook is well-known and proven to be a great networking tool, amongst many other benefits. Linkedin is similar and can also be leveraged to build a professional network to aid with post-graduation plans.

Another site, provides college students an online study resource – with answers to textbook questions, customizable “practice” quizzes, and options for study help and resources to learn more. This website offers many options with a free account, but it also provides account upgrades for a nominal fee to access a plethora of helpful information. With a built-in facebook app, also allows students to locate other students in the same course.

Is your student considering applying for an internship? As we’ve covered in previous articles, internships are one of the most important thing students can do to prepare for their career. Direct your student to in order to locate reviews from previous interns that have already been through an internship. Users fill out a short survey to rate different aspects of their internship, including the level of “real life” experience, compensation, networking opportunities and more. This is a great way to for students to narrow their field of potential internships to find the ones that will actually benefit them.

Another website that can provide a very valuable resource to college students is, where sponsors donate money to students for achieving good grades. To participate, students simply create an account, invite their friends and family to be sponsors, upload their academic transcript at the end of each semester and once verifies the information, the student gets paid. Sponsors can donate to a student, a school or to an educational cause. If donating to a student, they can choose to have the money sent directly to the student, or to be subtracted from their tuition.

With the vast number of sites available today, there are many tools available to college students that will help them succeed and prosper in school.


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