Here’s what you REALLY want for Christmas


No, this list of Christmas gifts doesn’t include the latest tech gadgets or useful items for your dorm. And while the ability to make a single cup of coffee is awesome, it’s probably not what you’ve been secretly hoping Santa would bring you. Here’s a more practical list of things you really want.

Sleeping as much as you want

If you’re still setting an alarm, you’re doing it wrong. Sleeping in, taking naps, waking up for breakfast and then going back to bed — that’s what winter break is about!

Badass breakfast

Speaking of breakfast, what you really want this Christmas is a true morning meal. You know, the kind that doesn’t include a hard granola bar you scarf down on your way to class. Waking up to the smell of bacon and waffles, and being able to take your time enjoying the syrupy goodness, now THAT’s what Christmas mornings are made of!

Eating as much food as you want

Holidays = food. Get your feast on!

A day of nothing but Netflix                               

 It’s the perfect time to find your new favorite show. 

After binge eating Christmas cookies, catching up on an entire season of TV is at the top of your to-do list. Need ideas on what to watch? We have it covered.

Cuddle time with your pet

No one gets you like they do. A warm little ball of fur is just what you need to accompany your lazy holidaze.

A’s on all your finals

 You may have been stressing about those finals grades posting. What you really want? All A’s.

Remembering the material on test day

 Test conundrum avoided. 

While we’re on the topic of school work, let’s just go ahead and throw in a photographic memory that doesn’t fail us on test day.

Avoiding awkward run-ins

 “No one will see me over here.” 

Whether it’s that chatty guy who sat behind you in math class last year or an old high school classmate you recognize (and totally blanked on her name), idle prattle is nothing we want.

A break from chores

 They don’t call it winter BREAK for nothin’. 

Laundry? Eh, you could get to that later. Besides, look at all those new clothes you have to wear. #itcanwait

A room of solitude

 Just a few moments of peace and quiet; that’s all we ask. 

Hectic holiday? A room to yourself — away from the chaos of family or before you have to go back to a shared dorm room — is just what you wanted for Christmas.


Just keeping it real. Those college tuition bills aren’t going to pay themselves. (Unless you have scholarships.)

All we want for Christmas is …

YOU! Well, we want to hear from you, that is. Tell us what you really wanted this Christmas on Twitter or in the comment section below.

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