Important Provisions For College


The summer always seems to fly by. Here I am with about a month remaining before I go back to school (and I start classes late). As I approach my junior year, I’ve begun to reflect on the things I’ve been happy to have at school and on those that I should have left at home. Hamlet may have once asked a similar question: to bring or not to bring? Here are a few items you should be sure to bring with you to help avoid the kind of dorm room you see above:

1. A faint night light that can be turned on without illuminating the entire room. I’ve found this to be very useful when I’ve gotten back from the library late at night and didn’t want to disturb my roommate’s slumber but needed to find my toothbrush without bumbling around the room.

2. Organizing features. This is a little vague, I know. But the point remains: figure out what kind of storage you’ll have (drawers, hanging space, shelves, something else entirely?) and then try to figure out how best to organize your belongings with some combination of hangers, bookends, additional drawers and compartmentalized desk organizers. I can assure you, having your belongings organized will help you in the end.

3. A decent dust rag. You’re probably rolling your eyes, but your dorm room won’t be too big to clean quickly and a decent dust cloth can make the job that much easier. Besides, if your room is clean, people will want to hang out there more often and you’ll stay healthier. The last thing you want is to get sick.

4. Pictures of your family and friends. Feeling homesick is almost inevitable and seeing images of your family and friends can help to alleviate such feelings. Also, when you’re feeling stressed about an exam or essay, seeing images of a whole bunch of people who love you can help you put the stress aside.

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