My Favorite Websites for College Students


If you are planning for college, you probably have a ton of questions. What college is best for me? Where can I find cheap textbooks? How will I pay for school? Luckily, just about anything and everything to do with college can now be accessed online. With such a vast amount of information, however, you might be wondering which websites are better than others. Although many companies provide similar services, not all are created equal. Over the last few years, I have found the following websites to be particularly useful in many areas of my college life.

1. – When registering for classes, sometimes it’s hard to decide which professor to take, especially when there are several teaching the same course. I have found the reviews on to be extremely helpful. You should read several (at least 10) reviews to get a better idea of how the professor treats students, how much work is expected, and whether attendance weighs heavily into your grade. Depending on the type of student you are (likes a challenge, prefers to sleep through class, etc.), you can then decide which professor may be better suited to your personality.

2. – This website provides you with the chance to take and share notes with other students. You can use your phone, computer, and/or tablet to collect and store important data for class. For those of you who always end up misplacing your hand-written notes, this option is a life-saver during finals!

3. – Buying books at the campus bookstore is not the only option! Buying books on campus can be expensive, so buying online is often a better alternative. allows students to buy, sell, or rent books online (including e-textbooks) at a much cheaper rate. Another good source is, which also offers free shipping.  This site is especially great for English majors because most English majors will have between 12-20 books a semester to read, with many being well-known novels. These books can be purchased through for as little as $1, unlike the usual $20+ price charged on-campus.

4. – Do you need the latest software for a class? Maybe you host a channel on or run a blog spot. allows students to pick up software like Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Microsoft Office Professional at seriously reduced prices. Always check this site before buying on campus or at a local retailer.

5. – When I had to find an internship, gave me some great options. Current students will find information on a wide variety of open internships and recent graduates can find help with employment opportunities. The service is free for job-seekers and students.

Websites like provide lists of resources for college students and are a great place to start when looking for advice. Whether you want to redesign your dorm space, purchase next semester’s books, or plan for an upcoming vacation, there’s something for every college student on the Internet.

Do you know of another great resource for college students? Be sure to share it with us!


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