Roommates 101: Develop A Good Relationship


college roommatesLiving with a roommate is either one of the scariest or most exciting moments of a college freshman’s life. You have no clue who the person may be or even what his/her personality is like. However, some incoming students dread the experience and hope they are not matched up with a person similar to the overbearing, obsessed girl in the movie The Roommate. While you’re waiting for your roommate to arrive, you should be thinking about how to develop good relationship with that person. Ponder about your likes, dislikes, and what really annoys you. Also, be mindful of the other person’s quirks and things he/she may request of you. Living with a college roommate is about setting boundaries so that everyone is comfortable to live, work, and play in the college dorm. So, whether you’ve grown up living with lots of siblings or this is your first time sharing a living space, learn how to manage the dorm living situation so that your roommate and you can have great college experience. Follow these tips below to develop a good roommate relationship: 1. Learn Personalities Are you a neat freak? Do you prefer not to stay up late? You need to let your roommate know your personality and preferences. You also should be mindful of the things your roommate prefers. By communicating these likes and dislikes with your roommate, both of you will eliminate problems before they even occur. 2. Respect Belongings So, you like your roommate’s strapless dress and would love to wear it on your date Friday? Ask! Don’t just take what you see as if it’s your closet. This tip may seem simple, but conflict usually arises from roommates not respecting each other’s material possessions. Don’t borrow or use anything without getting permission from your roommate first. 3. Choose Your Guests Wisely You may like having all 15 of your friends in the dorm room at once. However, your roommate does not. Be mindful of who and when you invite company to the room. If you like to study in groups, it may be best for you to reserve a room in the library, instead of bringing everyone to the dorm room. Are you excited about living with a roommate? Or scared? Tell us how you’re going to devleop a good relationship with your new rooommate. We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below. Photo Credit

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