Ten Things Incoming Freshmen Should Know About UVM Sports (from a student who’s not particularly athletic)


By Katherine Duhaime Unigo Campus Rep at UVM 1. UVM’s football team is undefeated since 1974 (we haven’t actually had a team since then). 2. The only sports anyone really watches are hockey and basketball…occasionally soccer. We only get interested in the others when they’re about to win a big title. 3. If you’re looking for a good time, go to a party at the rugby house or the ski and snowboard house. 4. Freshmen girls, look out for the hockey parties.  Undergrad girls are said to make some of their finest mistakes drinking with that team. 5. Ultimate Frisbee is not taken lightly at UVM.  The Frisbee team plays in over 8 Frisbee tournaments a year! 6. Get your hockey tickets as soon as they’re available, they’re usually gone in less than two days! 7. If you do get you’re tickets on time, don’t go to hockey games expecting to sit down.  The games are more like a party, lots of intoxicated people, lots of painted bodies, and lots of chanting. 8. Men’s basketball is pretty good, they usually play in the early afternoon on weekends, get those tickets fast too (we’re D-1 and have a big local fan-base) 9. Anyone can be a biker at UVM. Once a semester on the night that classes end, hundreds of Catamounts strip down and ride around campus in the nude!  Burlington police set up camp along the route but alas can’t stop the mayhem as in VT it’s legal to be naked in the streets, just not to take your clothes off outside. 10. Being on a sports team at UVM is a full time and social commitment.  If you’re not ready to devote your life to the athletics department for the sport you love, join a club team.  You’ll meet a ton of people, have a lot of fun, and not have to wake up early for practice.

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