The Best Places to Study on Campus


The Best Places to Study on Campus

Best Places to Study on Campus When I first arrived on campus, I thought my only options for studying were in my dorm room or at the main library. The problem with my room was trying to coordinate my schedule and my roommate’s (I was a night owl, she wasn’t), and not falling asleep while sprawled across my bed reading. As for the main library, I’ve never been too fond of crowded places; I prefer someplace cozy, quiet, and isolated. So, I went on a quest to locate some great places to study, and after several semesters on campus, I soon had quite a few spots mapped out. Depending upon your needs, some of these may be perfect for you, too!

1. Law library – The fourth floor of my college's main library housed the law library. Various chairs and cubicles were scattered throughout the floor and never once did I hear another student’s music or run into a group of sorority sisters planning for Rush Week. If you require complete and utter silence for studying, be sure to check out your college’s law library.

2. Campus Garden – In the spring, I loved sitting among the flowers and plants, taking in all the aromas and watching butterflies dance from stem to stem. I probably didn't accomplish as much as I did in the law library, but being outside was refreshing and made studying much more enjoyable.

3. Theatre – Having spent so much time on the stage, I actually enjoyed snuggling into a chair and studying in the theatre when it was empty. There’s plenty of lighting and it’s a great place to practice when you have an oral presentation for an upcoming class. Just be sure to check when they lock up for the evening, or you may find yourself sleeping there, too.

4. Coffee house – My campus had a Starbucks and I loved to study there in the late evenings. They played great music and I had access to caffeine, which is essential for those late night study sessions.

5. Food court – If your campus has a food court, head over during off-peak hours. It’s usually deserted and there’s plenty of table space. This makes for a great location when working on group projects, too.

6. Department lounges – The English department at my college had an amazing lounge area, complete with couches and reclining chairs. It reminded me of my parent’s living room, cozy and quiet. The education building also had a couch tucked into a tiny space near a window that looked out across the lake. Both spaces were high on my list of study spots when I needed someplace isolated and quiet.

7. Computer lab –Since many students have their own laptop, they don’t think about using a computer lab while on campus, but this is a great place to study. If you need a place free from distraction and noise, this place is perfect.

8. Laundry room – If you have to wash your clothes, why not settle in and do a little studying while you wait. As weird as it may seem, I found the noise from the machines to be soothing and it helped me concentrate. This is multi-tasking at its best!

Don’t relegate yourself to your dorm or the main library, get out and explore your options; you would be surprised at the hidden spaces awaiting you on your college campus. Sometimes, a comfy chair in a quiet corner of a building is just what you need to get through the next chapter of your statistics or chemistry book. Perhaps, you need the buzz of other students or some noise to keep focused? Check out the school athletic fields or the cafeteria, as these may be better suited to your needs. No matter which type of study environment you desire, chances are there’s a perfect space waiting for you on campus. You just have to get out there and find it!

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