The Top 10 Things You Should Know about Davidson Sports


By Laura Candler Unigo Campus Rep at Davidson College 10. Buy men’s basketball tickets early. Students have been known to camp out or wake up at 6:30 to line up when the ticket office opens. 9. Freshman flickerball is a must — especially if you’re not a member of another sport. 8. Athletes are all over campus. You interact with them everyday. 7. Sports teams are clique-ish and often join the same fraternity or eating house. 6. Many students travel to the basketball Southern Conference tournament. In recent years it has been held in Charleston, but this year it’s in Chattanooga. 5. Get Wildcat Pride points by attending sports events in order to win a free kuzy, t-shirt, shorts, long-sleeve shirt, or even sweat shirt. Some events are worth more points. 4. Pay attention to Wildcat Pride e-mails as they direct you to games each week and help you enter lotteries for hard-to-get men’s basketball tickets such as NCAA. 3. All Davidson students are required to take Davidson 101, two Lifetime Activity credits, one Team Sport credit, and swim evaluation as graduation requirements. 2. You must know the words to and sing along with “Sweet Caroline” (either Neil Diamond or the techno version). 1. Stephen Curry (pronounced Steffan or Steph for short) is THE MAN!

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