The Top Ten Things Freshmen Should Know About Sports at Colgate


By Kate Archer Unigo Campus Rep at Colgate University 1. Always bring packs of “Big Red” Gum to throw onto the ice at the Colgate vs. Cornell Ice Hockey Game. 2. Anyone who says they’re going to the football game is most likely just going to tailgate. 3. Colgate Winter Olympics are always a big draw on campus. Snow volleyball anyone? 4. If you hear talk of an ice luge, however, people are not referring to the Olympic sport. 5. More students have probably gone for a dip in Taylor Lake than in the Lineberry Natatorium. 6. Ballroom dancing and bowling are fair game for physical education credits. 7. Making it to class can be the best workout of your day. They don’t call it cardiac hill for nothing. 8. Colgate’s Seven Oaks Golf Course is rated as one of the top five collegiate courses in the country. Take golf as a gym class and play a round for free. 9. Be sure to Facebook poke the opposing goalie before any big ice hockey games. Intimidation is key. 10. Unintentional downhill skiing may occur on particularly slippery days. Relax, we’ve all done it. Extra points for style.

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