Three New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep!


Three New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep!

New Year's ResolutionsDid you know that more gym memberships are purchased in January than any other month? It’s really not that surprising, considering how many of us vow to lose weight as part of our New Year’s resolutions. Of course, after a few weeks, most of those gym membership cards will start to gather dust and we’ll come up with a bunch of excuses why we can’t find the time to exercise. Like many resolutions we will be making this January, most will only survive a few weeks before we call it quits or give up. It’s not that we are incapable of making changes in our lives, but sometimes life itself gets in our way. Once school starts, and we’re back to the daily grind, good intentions will take a backseat to sleep or assignments. This year, let’s all do ourselves a big favor and toss the traditional promises out the window. Instead, I offer these three simple resolutions anyone of us can make and keep!

1. Resolve to Spend Less Money

We could all use more money, right? Well, the first step to having more money is finding ways to reduce our expenses. For those of us in college, this can be as simple as eliminating trips to fast food restaurants, renting or buying used (instead of new) textbooks, and applying for scholarships to help reduce our tuition bills. If you don’t have a meal plan, partner up with a roommate or someone else on campus, and start using coupons and buying in bulk; you can save a bunch over a semester by simply planning your shopping around sales and knowing which staple items are a must. If you have a car, consider leaving it at home and using a bicycle instead; not only will you save money on insurance (if you are more than 100 miles from home), but also spend less on maintenance and gas over the year. If you are really desperate, don’t forget to check the lint traps in the dryers where you do your laundry. It’s amazing how many people forget to empty their pockets. You never know what you’ll find!

2. Resolve to Try Something New

It’s all too easy to get comfortable in the status quo and walk the same path day after day. This year, resolve to shake things up a little by trying something new. This can be something as simple as trying your international roommate’s native food dishes or registering for an elective totally outside of your career path. Another fun thing to do is check out your campus directory and vow to explore areas where you never venture. Who knows, you could find a secret study spot! How about signing up for an intramural sport or attending a sporting event you might have otherwise never watched? You could learn a new skill and both of these suggestions provide opportunities for you to make new friends.

3. Resolve to Help Others

All too often, we look the other way when we see someone in need. This year, let’s all resolve to be kinder to others. Whether it’s helping another student get through a tough course by offering free tutoring, or sharing a meal with someone whose student bank account is running on empty, simple gestures can make a big difference. Want to feel great? Try to commit one random act of kindness each month. That’s only 12 gestures over the year. If you’re not sure where to start, check out the student activities center, or your campus volunteer office, to see how you can help on campus or in the community. Great ways to give back include: food or clothing drives, offering your services for free (haircuts, manicures, tutoring, delivery services, etc.), starting a book exchange, or organizing a campus clean-up day. If those seem too overwhelming, start smaller by buying someone a cup of coffee or doing your roommate’s laundry.

When you think about it, resolutions are about making positive changes in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us set ourselves up for failure by making resolutions that are too difficult to keep. These three simple resolutions can be accomplished by anyone with little effort, but they result in maximum rewards. Do you have a simple resolution to add to our list? Leave a comment below or share it with us on Facebook!